This is a unique statistic used to represent a given limitation on the character. Often it is a thing or situation which can hinder the powers or abilities of that character. In some cases, it is simply a personality flaw that interfers with some social situations or even just bad luck. If it is something that does indeed have a scale, you may use the list below to abbreviate how strong a weakness it is. If not, simply describe what the weakness or flaw is and how it affects the character. If it modifies the abilities in some way, be clear about how.

Weakness Explanation
Allergy Exposure to the effect is a mild irritation.
Minor weakness Exposure to the effect is a major irritation.
Major weakness Contact with the effect can be very difficult to handle.
Extreme weakness Contact with the sources of the effect are debilitating and even incidental exposure can cause problems.
Mortal weakness Any exposure can have severe effects and direct exposure can lead to extreme suffering or even death.
Fatal weakness Any exposure to the effect will have mortal effects and direct exposure is likely to result in coma or death.

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