There exists within this dimension, an astral plane. Other planes do not seem to be accessible in any direct way that can be perceived. What this means is that teleportation is possible as instant travel, regardless of if it theoretically uses passage between those two points through another dimension, but any movement about within those dimensions is not possible from this one. Portions of realms and dimensions may be brought into this world, which means that if a power allows one to return to a specific realm and that realm or dimension does have a portion of itself here, then they transport to the portion that is present here.

Teleportation devices do exist on the planet, generally going between the two cities. The ones that are found in public locations are relatively small, accommodating a two or three people at once at most and taking time to warm up and accomplish the actual transport. It is very difficult to move large numbers this way and even harder to try transporting more than a bag or box of goods at a time. Several large-scale teleportation devices do exist, but are controlled by the more powerful city dwellers and are regulated with high taxes. Use of these is beyond many, requiring trade routes to be forged along the empty ground between the two cities. Some choose to use the trade routes even when they can afford to use the larger teleportation devices due to quirks in the system. It is not unheard of for someone to get randomly dropped somewhere else on or above the planet.

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