The Setting

No one is quite sure how long Alpha and Omega have been bringing beings from other times and places to this world. No one's really sure what the name of this world is or if it even has one. As twisted joke, however, someone very long ago gave it the name A'reen'ah. The name stuck.

A'reen'ah is a planet that makes very little, if any, logical sense. Pieces of other worlds, times and realities are dropped in random spots. Some places have fallen to ruin while others come and go as often as the inhabitants. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this. It's simply how it is here. Regional areas that shouldn't be able to exist next to one another not on do but also seem to thrive, somehow able to keep their own climates.


Weather patterns on A'reen'ah are erratic and unpredictable.

Perhaps the most mystical, beautiful, mysterious and terrifying part of A'reen'ah is it's near starless sky with it's twin moons. While fascinating in so many ways, the endless night sky seems to cause a feel of complete and utter isolation in so many.

Almost as mysterious as the sky is the old technology that can be found on the planet. It looks as if it belongs in some far off and unknown future while managing to look old and run down as well. Somehow, though, it still works. The 'natives' of the planet have no idea how it works or why, simply that it does. There are portals in every city that coordinates can be fed into in order to get where you're going. People use it all without thought or hesitation. If someone's running upkeep on it, they've never been seen doing so.

A'reen'ah is a planet shrouded in mystery and the unknown. A world where nothing and yet anything is possible. The dead never seem to stay dead but there's no guarantee that the next time you see them they'll be who you remember either. Here, every day is a new experience in one manner or another as people try to remake their lives.

Welcome. And good luck.

The Regions



A thick and lush rainforest that surrounds the base of the city of Sanctuary… Continued here...



The Wastelands are as desolate as it sounds. Ruins of place long since crumbled… Continued here...



The desert, beautiful in it's own right, is an expanse pure white sands with dunes as high…Continued here...

Exact Locations

The City of Sanctuary


Fantastical… Advanced… Archaic… All these words, and more, can be used to describe Sanctuary. Resplendid in… Continued here...

The City of Crossroads


Crossroads is an old and dusty city full of faded, worn and broken buildings and technology that is… Continued here...

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