Fantastical… Advanced… Archaic… All these words, and more, can be used to describe Sanctuary. Resplendid in it's glory, the city is tiered with tall white and light grey buildings with accents of silver and/or gold. Archway bridges allow for movement between the taller buildings while the ground below, is paved in pure white stones.

As it's name hints at, Sanctuary is a peaceful city. Far advanced in it's technology. It is ruled in an archaic fashion with a Queen presiding over the entire city. Her home, a great golden palace sits are the far edges and looks out over the city itself.

Guards dressed in silver and black with gold capes patrol the city constantly and stand watch at the various gates as well as patroling the four story wall that protects the city. The wall only adds a fortification, however, the city is all but inpeniterable.

The palace is known as Bilskirnir. Home of the Asgardians that came over here long ago.

The information that is readily available is that Lady Sif and her children rule over Sanctuary, having helped the city grow and prosper. Building the defenses that protect it so perfectly now.

Those who seek the city, or find themselves dropped there, are almost always welcome by the Lady herself with warmth and hospitality.

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