This is a statistic used to represent the ability to shrug off exposure to a substance or situation that most characters would be incapable of effectively dealing with. Often it is a thing or situation relates to something that would limit or remove a power or skill in some way. Poison resistance, damage reduction and healing factor can all be potentially listed under this category. The key difference between a Resistance and a Benefit is that a Resistance has a measurable degree of effect that it can affect. Use the scale below for explaining how strong the resistance is and how likely it is to prevent negative effects from the source.

Resistance Explanation
Mild resistance Can shrug off minor or grazing effects from a source.
Major resistance Can shrug off major or strong effects from a source.
Extreme resistance Can make it through a direct hit or two from a source and all but ignore grazing effects.
Partial immunity Most effects are simply ignored, requiring a strong effect to influence you.
Near immunity Almost nothing but the strongest effects even phase you and even then you are likely to shrug it off unless hit by quite a large number or powerful effect.
Full immunity Untouchable by the noted effect unless it comes from a source outside of anything your home galaxy has to offer. Cosmic or Higher powers and effects for example may still affect you.

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