While Magnitude is the range of others where one might find closely similar powers, Prowess is the degree of prowess or power within that Magnitude. Speedsters for example are generally Global in Magnitude, but within their own ranks, some are better than others. It may be experience or it could be natural talent, but each has a Prowess unique to themselves. In the above example, Superman would not be counted as a speedster despite his moving at a very rapid pace. To see how the difference in Prowess as it relates to Magnitude, see news examples. Below is a list of the Prowess options a player may choose from.

Prowess Level Explanation
Nonexistant Represents an absolute lack of ability. Useful when displaying inability at something that should be otherwise common to a given character. Expl: A person who works on a boat regularly lacking the ability to swim.
Joe Average The basic ability of a person who has an ability without any special prowess or training.
Basic Limited training or skilled ability. HS level.
Studied Fair training, above average. Associate degree or apprentice level.
Skilled High level training or well above average skill. Journeyman, BA or similar skill.
Mastery Great prowess, above most. Post graduate or Masters level.
Grand Mastery Better than other masters, capable of skill to a degree most others could never hope to achieve.
Champion Best of the best. Only a few in the entire scope of a given ability could ever manage this level of skill and even then only with extensive training, extreme talent and great experience. Restricted.
Ultimate The single best of a given ability's scope. No other person in that scope for that power can ever hope to best this individual when they are at their best. NPC only.

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