Your Charater Page

Filling out Information

Each section gives a short explanation of what info to enter in it. You can choose to leave sections blank. Some do not apply to all characters or players. Fill out whatever is appropriate to share OOCly.

There are some things that are not covered by the base template. Many players choose to include such things as Relationships with other characters, music/themesongs, a gallery, quotes, and/or trivia. Anything else you wish to share can also be put here.

Notice: Under no circumstances remove any of the default ==== dividers from the page as these dividers tell the page where to put the information. Removal and/or addition of these dividers will cause errors to the page.
Uploading Images

Image files are typically uploaded to the wiki in order to be referenced on a character page. To add an image:

Scroll down to the buttons at the bottom of the page and click on "FILES" (in the center of the row)
Then select "Upload a file from your computer"
Browse to the file in question, and
IF the original filename does not match what you cited in the wikipage:
Select "switch to our old uploader" instead of "Select Files"
Browse to the file in question
When renaming the file remember:
You must include the extension, e.g. Batman.jpg
Filenames are case sensitive; Superman.jpg and superman.jpg are two different files
Filenames cannot contain spaces

Once the file has been uploaded, you should be able to hit refresh and see it displayed at whatever point the wikipage references it.
Required Images

There is one image that is required for each character page. If you have supplied a character image staff have likely already uploaded these files for you. If you have not, or you would like to change them, they are listed here.

<character-name>.jpg - This is the image that shows on the right hand side of your character page.
Width: 202px
Height: 300px

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