Power Source

The source of an ability, while rarely important, can at times be vital for understanding if it is going to have an effect. This is especially important when an ability can only target items from a certain source, has a weakness or resistance to a source, etc. Below are the basic lists of potential sources. It is, in theory, possible to have multiple sources for the same power, though rare. Make sure to note in the description what the source of a power is. Not required on skills.

Power Source Explanation
Technological Science, computers, drugs and other sources outside of yourself that are non-magical in nature.
Mutational Any ability within one's own self that comes from an altered state from that which is natural.
Mystical Mystical or magical origins for an ability that are sustained through mystical energies or which create effects through mystical engeries.
Racial Natural abilities within one's self that originate in the natural state of a given species.

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