Yuuma Nakano
Actor Yuya Yagira
Full Name Yuuma Nakano
Codename Yuuma
Position Silent Vocalist
Alignment Neutral
Race Mutant
Age 18
Height 6' (182 cm)
Weight 135lbs (61 kg)
Hair Black (Dyed Pink)
Eyes Yellow
Magnitude Average

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Preferred Styles

True To Life, Street/Action, Adult, Romantic, Dramatic, Social, Humorous, Classic, Detective, Team

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Technopathy Regional Mastery Mutational Touch Yuuma can "talk" to machines— diagnose a malfunctioning device, or operate a device without having to know how it actually works. The device need not be a computer, but it must be electronic; wholly mechanical devices won't speak to him. He can operate 'magitech' but he will only be able to figure out the most basic functions. The device does not need to be functional before he can use it, but it helps. And it doesn't have to be functioning for him to tell what's wrong with it and how to fix it so others can use the device normally. Sapient machines are also affected, but he can speak to them as if he were telepathic.
Electrokinesis Regional Skilled Mutational Touch A side effect of above, Yuuma can also control the flow of electricity. He can draw power from batteries and wall outlets and transfer it into other devices. Offensively it's easier if he can make physical contact with an opponent to shock them, but he can emit a limited area burst if necessary. While can "pool" the charge from a small device enough to stun an ordinary human, the amount of charge he can emit depends on how much is available to him — a 9v battery can't compare to a downed power line as an energy source. His power drawing can blow out local transformers when he draws with all his might, though absorbing that much that fast will knock him out when the charge is finally released.


Name Relation Notes
Takumi Nakano Father "…Yeah, Dad and I don't get along too well. Never really did. We just don't see eye-to-eye. Might be for the better that I'm not there anymore."
Izumi Nakano Mother "It's really strange how your own flesh and blood can feel more like a nanny or legal guardian than a mother. She just followed Dad blindly. Guess it never occurred to her that I might not be right for the job either."
Souta Nakano Younger Brother "Thank you. I know you tried and they wouldn't listen for so long. I'm glad it finally worked. And thank you for being there when I couldn't. Please look after Mom and Dad."
Misaki Nakahara Caretaker "More like my mother than my real mom. That's kind of ridiculous, but I'm glad there's somebody here."

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