Actor Kay Morgan
Full Name Unne Vehoradottir
Codename Violet Lantern
Position A Star Saphire
Alignment Hero
Race Half-Asgardian
Age 22
Height 5'8"
Weight 389lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Violet
Magnitude Average

Comic Source

DC/Marvel/Indie Amalgam


A'reen'ah Native




None Yet

Preferred Styles

True to Life, Street/Action, Epic, Adult, Romantic, Dramatic, Social, Humorous, Alternative/Esoteric, Team

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Strength Global Skilled Racial Self Her partial Asgardian heritage has gifted her with strength beyond mere humans. While not as extreme as full-blooded Asgardians, she is still capable of lifting as much as 15 tons if she extends herself. She developed this strength early and caused a great deal of accidental damage. It has led to her handling everything with kid gloves as if afraid it might break.
Durability Global Mastery Racial Self Another gift of her heritage, her tissues are of a denser composite than the average human could ever dream of. The disadvantage of this is that she has a much greater weight than her appearances would indicate, but on the other side, she is able to withstand a great deal of force without taking damage and is easily able to stand her ground when she should otherwise not be able to do so. This is one of only two areas where her Asgardian heritage has asserted itself with strong dominance.
Physical Speed National Studied Racial Self Faster than a normal human certainly, but nowhere near a full-blooded Asgardian, she can move as fast as 40mph at a sustained pace and 55 if she is at a full sprint. It is more difficult to measure in terms of other forms of movement. She isn't going to beat even the weakest speedster, but she is able to at least keep up with a few accelerated beings.
Visual Speed Galactic Grand-Mastery Racial Eyesight While her ability to move didn't come to meet that of the Asgardians, a strange quirk of genetics actually improved the ability of her mind to process visual stimuli and formulate thought. While she can't make her body react faster than her speed, she can at least follow speeds that even full Asgardians would not be able to readily track. At best, this allows her some chance to anticipate, though mostly it just leads to her being able to say what has happened after the fact and be heavily frustrated during it. There is nothing more annoying than thinking at the speed of a speedster and moving at the speed of a demigod.
Endurance Global Grand-Mastery Racial Self As with her durability, her endurance seems strongly tied to her Asgardian heritage. This is a second side to the same coin and the same physical composition that makes her capable of enduring extreme punishment also meant that once she reached maturity, she has not needed to eat, drink, breathe or sleep and can stay active at a task for several weeks if she pushes herself before tiring. (See flaws)
Flexability Global Skilled Racial Self While not always as graceful as others of a similar agility, she makes up for it in flexability. In another world, she would readily have been an entertainer, possessing the rare flexibility that allows her full contortion. It makes far less of an appearance in her ability to dodge, as she has very little training in that regard at this time.
Wisdom National Mastery Racial Self She hasn't had the benefits of a more formal education. She is capable of reading in a few languages and speaking in several by the nature of growing up in this world, but most of what she knows comes from home-schooling and life lessons. What she lacks in book knowledge however, she makes up for in the common sense ability to apply what she does know in creative and artful ways.
Willpower Galactic Average Racial Self She gained every bit of the stubborn streak of her Asgardian heritage and it was only reinforced by the fierce sense of restraint she developed once she grew into her strength. Every moment of every day, she is playing a balancing act between expressing her strong passions, while simultaneously controlling how they manifest. This careful dance has led not only to her enigmatic behavior, but also to a powerful will when she is pressed.


Name Relation Notes
Lady Mechanika Grandmother She took a lot of her fashion sense and several skills from this woman and comes very close to hero worship.
Ucky Mechanika Father Named for a being his mother never talked much about, the man was born in this world and took on a very old-west style demeanor. Much of his mother came through in him and despite being as hard as nails, he was a deeply compassionate man.
Vehora Lestradottir Mother An Asgardian who fell in love with Ucky despite herself and remains deeply in love with him. They argue quite a bit, but she loves him all the more for never backing down despite being only human. She is often at odds with her wayward daughter who never embraced her Asgardian side.
Vor Vehoradottir Sister Everything Unne wasn't, Vor is. She is a warrior woman through and through. Despite this, the two were best friends growing up. Only in the last few years has a wedge come between them.
Njorthr Uckyson Brother There is a severe hatred that has developed over years in him against Unne. He was always jealous that his sisters both had strong showings of their Asgardian bloodline, but when Unne also ended up with the Violet Ring, something in him snapped. She already had power enough and he had so little. Why should she be gifted with so much more power only to squander it just as she had done with her natural strengths. He now shows open contempt for her and interferes wherever he can, not that he is able to do much.

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