The Shade
Actor None
Full Name Richard Swift
Codename The Shade
Position Dapper Rake
Alignment Selfish
Race Metahuman
Age Around 200
Height 6'2" (187.96 cm)
Weight 170 lbs (77.5 kg)
Hair Black
Eyes Eyes
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source

DC Comics


Starman (1994 James Robinson run)




"There are countless gaudy idiots out there who count their lives in terms of time served. Go peddle your wares with them."

Preferred Styles

Street/Action, Epic, Adult, Dramatic, Romantic, Social, Humorous, Classic, Detective, Alternative/Esoteric, Team

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Shadow Manipulation Local Grand-Mastery Mystical Distance This is not a mutant ability, but rather a bond to the Shadowlands, a quasi-sentient, extra-dimensional “world” of malleable darkness. He can summon and control “demons” from the Shadowlands, though these are only marginally sentient and not at all sapient. He can create constructs out of shadows (similar to a Green Lantern) and areas of complete darkness. He can even transport himself and others through it over distances. However, his shadows can be dispelled with light or energy strong enough to light up the area. Like all his powers this comes from the magical ritual he was caught in as a young man.
Shadowlands Control Global Grand-Mastery Mystical Special The power noted above is because the Shade is one of the strongest masters of the power and substance that lies in the Shadowlands. When in the Shadowlands, his power is almost absolute. In addition to the previous, if it becomes necessary, he can also use it as a prison-type dimension, able to tailor “cells” to the “needs” of the inhabitant(s) he intends to put in there. He can also create landscapes and environments of his choosing for those who he brings there or who find their way there. These environs CAN be dangerous if he chooses. However, just like his Shadow constructs, the environs he creates in the Shadowland can be dispelled and/or held at bay by sufficiently bright light or energy.
Immortality Local Mastery Mystical Self His connection to the Shadowlands has made him ageless. Not only that, but Shade is able to continue living with most of his major organs ripped out (though that doesn’t mean he can’t FEEL it!). While he does not age, and he is remarkably resistant to dying however, he CAN be killed under specific circumstances.


Name Relation Notes
Unknown Mother The Shade remembers neither of his parents, due to his amnesia.
Unknown Father The Shade remembers neither of his parents, due to his amnesia.

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