The Fallen
Actor Travis Fimmel
Full Name Warren Worthington III
Codename The Fallen
Position CEO Worthington Industries
Alignment Neutral
Race Homo Superior
Age 28
Height 6'
Weight 150lbs
Hair Blond
Eyes Blood Red
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source



Earth-1298 (Mutant X Series)




"Angel… I haven't gone by that moniker in a while."

Preferred Styles

True to Life, Street/Action, Epic, Adult, Romantic, Angsty, Social, Humorous, Classic, Horror, Detective, Alternative/Esoteroic, and Team.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Aerial Adaptation Global Grand-Mastery Mutation Self Just like his Earth-616 self, the entire anatomy of The Fallen is adapted to flying. He has hollow bones like a bird's, and weighs far less than a human of his height and build. His enhanced musculature grants him strength much greater than a human's, and his eyes and respiratory systems are naturally augmented to allow him to see as well as an eagle, and breathe while flying at high altitudes and/or velocities. He is possibly the last descendant of the mutant subspecies known as Cheyarafim.
Flight Regional Grand-Mastery Mutation Self The Fallen can cruise at speeds of approximately 70mph. His max speed (which can be maintained for about 30mins) is 150mph, although he can swoop down at speeds much greater. He can reach the highest recorded altitude of a bird in flight at 29,000ft, but at the cost of severe strain and only for several minutes at a time. In general, he is the preeminent master of aerial acrobatics.
Superhuman Senses Regional Mastery Mutation Sensory-Distance This applies mostly to The Fallen's eyesight, and to a lesser degree, his hearing. He is capable of spotting minute details from miles up in the air, and his sense of hearing is augmented to allow him to hear relatively normally, while flying at speed.
Peak Human Strength Average Skilled Mutation Self The Fallen's mutation grants him greater physical strength than an ordinary human equal to him in height and build. He can press about 500lbs.
Superhuman Stamina Local Mastery Mutation Self The Fallen can fly non-stop (under his own power) for approximately 12hrs. His body produces far less fatigue toxins during physical activity than a human's body would, thus he can exert himself at peak capacity for many hours before getting tired.
Superhuman Durability Local Mastery Mutation Self The Fallen's body-tissues are significantly harder and more durable than that of a normal person. He is not invulnerable, however. His body is structured to endure the intense friction caused by flying at high velocities, and he can withstand impact forces that would likely kill a human with modest discomfort. Due to his transformation by Apocalypse, extreme temperatures have little effect on The Fallen now.
Regenerative Healing Factor National Mastery Mutation Self While he is no Wolverine, The Fallen possesses an accelerated healing factor of his own that allows him to repair damaged tissues with relatively great speed and efficiency. Non-fatal injuries (perforations, blunt force trauma, lacerations) will completely heal in a matter of hours, and severe injuries in a few days. His blood used to possess a healing quality that could be administered to others, but since his transformation by Apocalypse, The Fallen's blood is now a deadly poison. He is highly resistant to poison, himself, and disease.
Fire-Breathing National Grand Mastery Transformation Proximity Due to his transformation into the Horseman, Death, by Apocalypse, The Fallen developed the ability to breathe fire. While he himself is unharmed by his own flames, he can easily melt most metals (barring substances like Adamantium, Vibranium, Netharium etc…) in seconds. His maximum range for fire-breathing is about 15ft.
Enhanced Claws Local Mastery Mutation Self Also thanks to his transformation by Apocalypse, The Fallen's fingertips terminate at techno-organic claws (similar to Cable's arm, or Colossus' skin), sharp and durable enough to shred wood, flesh and some metals. His wings — vast, and bat-like now — also sport hooked barbs equally effective in combat.


Name Relation Notes
Warren Worthington Jnr Father He's dead. Good riddance.
Kathryn Worthington Mother Dead too. If I could make myself care enough, I would truly miss her.

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