The Darkness
Actor Jackson Rathbone
Full Name Jackie Estacado
Codename The Darkness
Position Wielder of The Darkness/Lord of Crossroads
Alignment Anti-Hero
Race Human
Age 28
Height 6'1"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source

Top Cow


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Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
The Darkness Global Champion Mystical Special Jackie wields powers and abilities of The Darkness, a universal force of chaos and dark creation. This gives him the ability to work an amazing number of effects, from greatly increasing his own strength, speed, durability, senses, healing-factor, ect, to creating sentient life (commonly in the form of Darklings, small, foul-mouthed imps that do his bidding). Jackie most commonly uses The Darkness to craft a suit of mystical,semi-organic body armor about himself, as well as creating shadowy, fanged tentacles and clawed darklings to eviscerate his opponents. He has displayed the ability to create black-holes out of the shadows, as well as teleportation. Jackie also has the ability to create permanent physical objects, such as the drug 'Nightfall'.
Darklings Global Grand-Mastery Mystical Special Jackie can create minions, or 'Darklings' at will that have their own personalities and intelligence, though generally foul-mouthed, annoying, but loyal to his bidding. His most common of creations are 'Imps', though he can also create larger, goblin-like creatures that are much more larger, hulking, malevolent forms. They can be left in a location and still survive as long as they are not subject to bright lights. At a distance, he can control and communicate with them through telepathy. He can see through their eyes as if they were his own if he chooses.
Regeneration National Champion Mystical Self Jackie has a fast regenerative capability against loss of limb and damage to himself, able to heal in a matter of seconds in most cases. The Darkness is rather keen on protecting its host.
Flight Local Grand-Mastery Mystical Unlimited Jackie can grow wings, the look of his choice, by using The Darkness. With this, he can fly at high speeds.
Shapeshifting National Grand-Mastery Mystical Self Jackie can use his armor to change his appearance. This can go as far as changing his voice and mannerisms to fit the facade.
Healing Local Mastery Mystical Tactile He has some healing ability, through touch. This was shown when he healed Arvo's damaged ears and cured his deafness.


Name Relation Notes
Nameless Mother Died shortly after birth.
Danny Estacado Father Died shortly after conception.
Hope Pezzini Daughter A hybrid of the Darkness and human, she is his only child.
Capris Castiglione Twin Sister Its complicated…

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