Actor Jennifer Lawrence
Full Name Kara Zor-El
Codename Supergirl
Position Girl of Steel
Alignment Hero
Race Kryptonian
Age 22
Height 5' 11"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source



Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl




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Preferred Styles


Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Super Strength Global Skilled Racial Self Kara's strength is the stuff of legends. Under a yellow sun, her strength is exponentially stronger than an average human female. She can lift tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of tons. She can perform feats such as lifting fully loaded super-freighter ships, hold up bridges and skyscrapers, and even change the course of gigantic asteroids. She's trained herself to use her strength carefully, so there's no accidents of hitting mortals too hard when stopping common robbers.
Super Endurance Global Mastery Racial Self Supergirl's endurance is also enhanced by yellow solar radiation. She can hold her breath for hours on end and survive in the depths of space unaided by protective measures. Vacuum, cold, heat, pressure, and radiation extremes of environment have no effect on her. She also heals much faster and is able to heal serious burns and lacerations with a few hours of exposure to yellow sun radiation. Finally, she is completely immune to all organic, non-engineered toxins, poisons, and viruses; for a toxin or pathogen to affect her, it needs to be engineered specifically for her physiology or be a technological organism.
Super Durability Global Mastery Racial Self Kara's body has a higher density than an average human's. Additionally, her body is reinforced from yellow solar radiation. Kara can withstand direct hits from high explosive artillery shells and suffer only minor bruises and lacerations. Conventional weaponry just bounces off her harmlessly. High-energy attacks like lasers and plasma can hurt her, but it takes massed attacks to incapacitate her in that way.
Super Speed Global Studied Racial Self Supergirl is able to move at tremendous speeds on foot. She can easily crack the sound barrier while running and can perform such stunts as running on water or up vertical surfaces. Usually, she doesn't bother with running since flight is so much faster for her. However, she can combine her super-speed with other abilities to create power stunts; like spinning fast enough to drill a hole through solid rock with her feet or hands, or flying in a circle fast enough to create an artificial tornado or waterspout. She can also perform common tasks at super-speed and do things like paint an average house in a minute, read books in a matter of seconds, or build a house in a few minutes.
Flight Global Skilled Racial Self Kara's only real limit to her flight speed is the environmental damage she can cause going several times over the speed of sound in an atmosphere. She is capable of flying from Earth to the Moon in about 15 minutes, or can be anywhere on Earth within a minute using orbital trajectories. Normally, she keeps her atmospheric flying sub sonic in cities to prevent a sonic boom from shattering glass.
Heat Vision National Skilled Racial Proximity: 50 yards Supergirl's eyes can emit focused rays of heat energy strong enough to melt and weld super tough alloys like titanium/carbon steel alloys and can melt solid rock. Normally, she uses this power to effect repairs on metal structures, but against unliving or opponents as tough as she is, she'll use her Heat Vision as a potent weapon.
Super-Breath National Skilled Racial Proximity: 50 yards Kara can exhale with her super-strong lungs to create a variety of wind and cold effects. She can blow out fires about a square block in volume. She can create gale force winds that can move trucks and trailers along a path as wide as a city street. Finally, she can encase a foe in ice to immobilize them or at least slow them down.
Perfect Memory Global Mastery Racial Self Part of her Kryptonian physiology, Supergirl has a perfect edactic memory, recalling with perfect clarity images or words she may have seen dozens of years ago. Whatever she reads, she will remember, giving her a tremendous learning advantage in adjusting to new cultures.
Super Senses Global Mastery Racial Sensory Kara's vision and hearing are superhumanly acute, allowing her to see or hear things from dozens of miles away. She can see the surface of a nearby planetary body unaided or focus her vision to where she can see activity on the nanometer scale. She can also hear ultra-sonic and subsonic frequencies, allowing her to directly hear radio transmissions. Kara can also shift her vision spectrum to allow her to see through any material except for lead. She can also selectively remove layers with her x-ray vision, allowing her to see hidden weapons or any internal damage a person might be suffering from.


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