Sue Richards
Actor Connie Nielsen
Full Name Sue Richards
Codename Invisible Woman
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Alignment Hero
Race Human
Age 34
Height 5'6"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Honey Blonde
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Average

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General Copper Age




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Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Invisibility Nationall Grand Mastery Mutational 30yds radius This was the first manifestation of Sue's powers, and a rather amusingly unfortunate one. It took Sue a couple of days to figure out how to become visible again after the first time she disappeared from sight, and WEEKS before she could reliably control her invisibility. It was during this time that Reed developed their now trademark suits — with a unique polymer fabric that could withstand each of the Four's new powers. Up to that point Sue either had to simply stay hidden or risk abruptly looking like a classic sci-fi movie at any moment. Her control has refined considerably since then, and she's now able to make herself, her clothing and the other occasional small object become invisible with ease. She has also practiced and become proficient at pushing the 'range' of what she can turn invisible, to the point that she's now able to blanket anything within a 90-foot radius (up to about 40,000 cubic feet of volume — buildings are still a bit out of her reach) with invisibility. This extended invisibility — and the fact that Dare Devil would see the manifestation of it as a solid dome — are what prompted Reed and Sue to explore her abilities further and realize they'd only been seeing the tip of a very large iceberg.
Force Field, Personal National Grand Mastery Mutational Self The creation and manipulation of force fields is actually Sue's true power. Her invisibility is simply one aspect of her force field abilities. After she mastered becoming invisible, she started working on being able to conceal more than just herself. During one practice session, she suddenly and completely unintentionally created a force field that pushed every item in the Four's training room away from her person a solid six feet in every direction. Including Ben. Luckily, she didn't have to spend as long mastering control of those new power as she had the invisibility. She's now concentrating her efforts on fine tuning this new force field ability as well as her invisibility. Testing her growing abilities has proven that she can maintain a single facet of her force field power for about ten hours before tiring. If she really concentrates, she can push it to twelve hours, but that leaves her exhausted to the point of fainting. She also recently realized she can use more than one field power at the same time, but splitting her concentration drastically shortens how long she can maintain the effects — basically her concentration time is at best three hours when she's using multiple fields simultaneously. The following subsets of this Force Field power explain some of the 'tricks' she's figured out thus far. The first aspect of Sue's powers that she discovered after mastering her invisibility was a Personal Force Field. She was watching Ben and Johnny 'spar', and a random object got thrown her way with excessive force. She barely had time to gasp and throw her hands up defensively…and the object bounced off of seemingly thin air mere inches from hitting her head. Experimentation over the next several weeks discovered the following: The force field lands at a default seven inches out from Susan's body, and is strong enough to resist small and medium caliber bullets — tested using kevlar, of course, and Reed was understandably reluctant to try any high caliber rounds.Field testing since then (aka, getting into fights with bad guys) has shown that so long as her shields are up Sue is completely bullet-proof. The shield can also withstand up to eighty tons of force, regardless of whether that force is kinetic or static. It protects equally well against Cyclops's eye-blasts as it does bullets or Ben's fists. In the same way, the force field is able to protect her from extreme amounts of radiation of all kinds — enough to kill any unprotected human.
Force Field, Extended National Mastery Mutational 200ft This is actually her own personal force field, simply pushed farther from her person and thus retaining all of the same protective capabilities. It manifests as a sphere (or dome if she's standing on a flat surface) after reaching a diameter of about six feet, and she's managed to extend the sphere's diameter out to about two hundred feet so far. It starts weakening as she pushes the radius of the force field outwards, losing about 10 tons of strength for every additional fifteen feet of radius, reaching the the figurative consistency and strenth of a soap bubble by the time it's crossing that two hundred foot radius mark. She's working on figuring out how to change the shield's shape and improving the strength and range of the shield, as it's arguably the most useful ability she's discovered herself capable of so far.
Force Field, Remote National Skilled Mutational Line of Sight Almost immediately after Sue started refining her control over her personal force shield, she also made inroads toward figuring out how to make force shields that center on something other than herself. She has managed to make small 'bubble' force shields, though can't create them farther than about seventy-five feet from herself. She also found out — totally unintentionally — that she can place one of these shield 'bubbles' over a portion of someone's body. This could be useful for underwater operations as she can make a small, self-contained diving bell of sorts. Of course, it would only have as much oxygen as that volume of air normally contains so perhaps that's not as useful as it sounds. She could easily use a small-diameter 'bubble' to suffocate others, though. Not fatally, of course. Just to subdue. In diameters over about twenty-five feet, the remote force shield is drastically weaker than her personal shield, subject to the same inversely proportional strength to radius effects as her personal sheild. So far, she's only managed to make and maintain a maximum of eight remote force field spheres — she's working on improving that.
Lift Regional Mastery Mutational Line of Sight In her attempts to reshape her force shields, Sue figured out how to make a flat plane of force instead of a sphere. Her first attempts were perpendicular to the floor and she found that she could use them to push objects like furniture around. She was still working up how much force she could exert this way when a brilliant idea struck her. She turned the flat force plane parallel to the floor and stepped onto it. And hovered! Time and practice (and trial and error) have granted her the ability to lift objects weighing as much as seventy tons. She's also started working on using the force disc to catch someone as they're falling. Her aim and timing are still not quite perfect, but she's successfully managed to catch Ben more often than not in a pratfall practice session. And interestingly, when doing this the disc has no trouble at all supporting Ben's weight, and after testing the disc's capacity limits, can easily 'catch' objects up to about eighty tons in weight. She's still working on making this disc a soft surface to land on, as currently it's kind of like belly-flopping into a swimming pool from about six feet up.
Flight Regional Mastery Mutational 100ft After figuring out that she could lift and catch things with her force fields, Sue started working on other applications of her force fields set into motion. She figured out quickly enough that she can propel her own personal force field at an extreme rate — the fastest she's been clocked at is 750 miles per hour or just shy of hitting mach 1. She's more cautious of the really high speeds when her force field is carrying others besides just her, so she's not tried to push it much past 350 miles per hour.
SMASH!! Local Mastery Mutational 325ft or LOS Taking a cue from Magneto of all people, Sue started working on a way to narrow a force sphere into something small enough that she could 'throw' it at others with great force. The golfball-sized kinetic bolts she devised present as seemingly solid pieces of the same energy as her force fields, and when 'thrown' can hit objects with up to seventy five tons of force. She and Ben once had a 'clobbering' contest with some old concrete needing to be broken down for recycling, and they agreed to call it a tie. Her projectiles, while clearly very strong and able to destroy things very efficiently, aren't the most accurate. After much practice, she was able to reliably hit a target the size of a soup can her farthest 'thrown' distance. The farthest she's been able to 'throw' one so far has been the length of a soccer field (about 325 feet), though she immediately loses track of the invisible projectile and it pops like a soap bubble if it goes out of her line of sight.
Shapes Regional Skilled Mutational Line of Sight The newest thing Sue has figured out about her force fields is the ability to shape them into more than spheres or flat planes. She can make simple, non-mechanical shapes (nothing that requires moving parts) to protect specific items or fulfill a purpose. Ladders, bridges, slides, anvils, bowls, and the like are all possible, and would all retain the same strength and protective capabilities as her original force fields.


Name Relation Notes
Reed Richards Husband He's nerdy but sweet.
Johnny Storm Younger Brother Must be treated as such.
Ben Grimm Dear Friend Very close friend.
Franklin Richards Son Imagination Boy

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The Doctor is In December 18, 2013 December 18, 2013 Doctor Bruce Banner lands in the Wastelands of A'ree'nah, to be met by Thor, Iron Man and Sue Richards, and later Black Widow.

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