Actor Somebody Animated
Full Name Starr of the Guard
Codename StarGuard
Position Revenge!
Alignment Hero
Race Talderran
Age Unknown
Height 5'11"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Golden
Eyes Solid Golden
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source

Marvel Comics Universe.


Marvel Earth-616




"You should never leave a job unfinished. I … am … not … dead."

Preferred Styles

Gritty, Comedic, Surreal, Classic, Golden Age, Hero vs Hero

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Organic Cyber Body Galactic Basic Technological Self Star was rebuilt and augmented with a combination of Cybernetics and Nanotech. These technologies are made up of materials found in her home star system. Materials with properties of both Organic and Inorganic. Naturally existing superconductors are included to give the body increased durability, augmented strength, and many other abilities.
Armored Durability Global Mastery Technological Self Star's body is armored to quite a degree. She can take hits from heavy artillery and be stunned or bruised at the worst. High intensity plasma or laser weaponry can overload her armor's absorbant qualities but it would take extreme intensity and prolonged or multiple exposures to cause serious damag this way.
Augmented Strength Global Skilled Technological Self Her augmented body and reinforced skeleton is capable of lifting between 50 and 100 tons. She is not the strongest entity ever, but is definitely superhuman. Using her Energy Channelling ability, she can augment this to up to 200 tons at most. (Mastery)
Energy Channelling Galactic Studied Technological Self While this ability does not defend her from energy based attacks, any energy based attack that strikes her can be absorbed via her body's focusing crystals, and used to sustain her, or be redirected into various systems such as strength, blasters, etc. This does not provide a boost or any system bonus other than explain how she can function so efficiently for extended durations.
Energy Weaponry Global Mastery Technological Projected - 100 Yards in atmosphere, 1000 miles in space Star is capable of using her Biomechanical augmentation to form energy weaponry of various sorts. She can make multibarrel rapid fire low yield blasters, or a single huge anti-cruiser plasma cannon. Each has their own advantages and drawbacks. Either way, she can make quite a variety of weapons form in her hands or on her arms or even over shoulders.
Variable Augmentations Galactic Skilled Technological Variable: Self to Miles The nanotech within Star is capable of being reconfigured on the spot to provide a variety of augmentations. This could be sensors of the optical, radar, energy detection, motion scanning or other varieties, radiation shielding, communication suites, ecm abilities, language translation, and a plethora of abilities that could be attained by configurable nanotech implants.
Gravitic Flight National Mastery Technological Self The systems within her body allow Star to project herself through the air or space. Within an atmosphere, this can carry her along at several hundred miles per hour, barely achieving supersonic speeds at most. In space, she can really cut loose and accelerate at hundreds of gravities, taking her to the theoretical limit of light speed eventually. Though this would take hours if not days of constant acceleration.
Self Repair Galactic Joe Average Technological Self Star's body is made up of 99% Organic Cyber/Nano Augmentations. It is capable of repairing itself from incredible amounts of damage. The only real requirement is that she is still alive, even if only barely. It is not a fast repair ability, but can regrow lost limbs or organs eventually. Wounds such as cuts or abrasions will heal in minutes, while broken bones might take a day.
Epidermal Alteration Regional Mastery Technological Self Because the enemies of the Guard were a multi-system empire made up of a variety of humanoid species, the Guard were modified so that they could infiltrate other species should the need arise. As such, they can adjust their coloration and general features to appear as nearly any humanoid species. This does not allow them to grow extra limbs, or add mass, just to alter things such as eye facial features, ears, skin color and tone, fingernails, and basically anything cosmetic that does not involve adding extra parts.


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