Sif Ragnahilde
Actor Jamie Alexander
Full Name Sif Ragnahilde
Codename Lady Sif
Position Goddess of War and Lady of Sanctuary
Alignment Hero
Race Asgardian
Age Immortal
Height 6'2"
Weight 425 lbs.
Hair Black with a White Streak
Eyes Silver-blue
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source







"I am the Lady Sif, born a Goddess and forged a Warrior.
I was baptized in the tears of mine enemies and their children's children fear my name.
I am rock and wheat and fire and ash and in My Lord Thor, I am promised to the sky."

"I am the Sword Maiden of Thor, Prince of Asgard, and his Wife .
I am known as the Shield Maiden of Asgard, the Lady of Blades, and Carver of Portals.
I am the Goddess of War!"

"Oh please…"

A conversation with Fandral about getting Hogun to smile:
"Fandral, he's not going to do it but if you'd like a challenge I know of an even greater one for you…"
"Name it, Lady Sif."
"Keeping your mouth shut…"

"Betray him, and I will kill you."

"All yours."

Snipet about Sif from JiM:
All warrior! All woman!
Tough enough to kill.
Strong enough to love.

Preferred Styles

True to Life, Street/Action, Epic, Adult, Romantic, Angsty, Social, Humorous, Classic, Horror, Detective, Alternative/Esoteroic, and Team.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Teleport Galactic Grand Mastery Racial Special Part of her birthright as a Vanir, Sif is able to teleport to anywhere or anyone. This ability is mostly used on the world she's on because she has her sword to open portals between realms but, in an emergency, Sif can teleport herself and those she can touch between the realms as well. It is draining on her however because of the distance. Her teleportation is quick, as fast as thought or the time it takes someone to blink. Here it would seem, at least for now, she cannot teleport to the Realms she is familiar with. It as if someone or something is interfering with her ability.
Strength Global Skilled Racial Self While most Asgardian females max out their strength at 25 tons, Sif can lift a little over 30 and hits with just as much force.
Speed National Skilled Racial Self No speedster to be sure, Sif still runs faster than the average human. And the average Asgardian. Her top speed maxes out around 75 mph.
Intellect Global Mastery Racial Self Sif is a very intelligent woman and what she doesn't know can be learned very quickly. Her mind moves at a very quick rate which allows her to process information fast and make on the spot decisions easily.
Density Global Mastery Racial Self Being an Asgardian makes Sif's body much harder to damage. She can withstand things such as high energy blasts, extreme temperatures, explosions, extreme depths and extreme force. Her tissue being so dense makes her very difficult to hurt but it's not impossible. She's also far heavy than one might guess simply by looking at her.
Stamina Global Grand Mastery Racial Self Being Asgardian means that Sif never really needs to sleep, eat or drink and perform at peak performance for weeks on end before she every even starts to tire.
Healing National Skilled Racial Self Despite it all, the 'goddess' can be hurt though her body regenerates much quicker than any humans. Gashes and punctures can take only hours. Broken bones? Mere days.
Agility Galactic Mastery Racial Self Sif was born with a natural grace, flexibility and sense of balance that far exceeded most others, making her very agile and allows her to easily and quickly move and shift her body as needed.


Name Relation Notes
Thor Husband No matter the cycle, we find each other. Always.
Arnthor Son My dearest son. I am beyond proud of him. He will make a fine King one day.
Astridr Daughter My precious daughter. A ray of sunshine on the cloudiest of days. I am proud of her as well.
Loki Brother-in-Law I love him but I know I cannot trust him and it tears at me. Despite his presence… I miss him greatly.
Odin Father-in-Law My King. My sword and shield are yours and Asgards.
Frigga Mother-in-Law My Queen. You did as you thought was best. I can only hope I have made you proud.
Jord Mother-in-Law Sadly, I have never met you but you should be proud of the man your son has become.
Heimdall Brother My brother… I doubt you can see me now. Watch over Asgard for me.

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