Satana Hellstrom
Actor Dulce Maria
Full Name Satana Hellstrom
Codename Satana
Position Queen of Hell
Alignment Villain
Race Succubus
Age 25
Height 5'7"
Weight 120 lbs.
Hair Red
Eyes Red
Magnitude Local

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Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Hellfire Global Grand Mastery Mystical Sensory Also known as Soulfire, the blast are shot in the form of black energy from her hands and while it does not harm someone physically it will drain their energy from them while making them mentally live through their worst fear, the experience seeming completely real to whoever has fallen prey to the flames. Her victim must be in her line of sight in order to be hit with the Hellfire. After that, the fire will burn until the fear is overcome.
Kiss Galactic Grand Mastery Racial Distance: Touch As a succubus, Satana's kiss can draw the soul from the body is she wants it to.Of course, she absolutely has to do this at least three time a week in order to keep her strength up. Through her kiss, she draws the soul from the body where it takes the form of a butterfly perched on the lips of the corpse which she then captures and eats. This is what sustains her.
Allure Global Champion Racial Proximity: Sight As a succubus, Satana has a supernatural allure about her that draws people in, allows her to seduce them. This is something that comes from the fact that she is what she is and it's how they survive. She's spent a very long time honing the skill of seduction itself to work with the natural allure of her kind. It is possible, though extremely difficult, to will yourself out of her seduction.
Dark Arts Global Grand Mastery Mystical Special Satana is a user of dark magic and while she tends not to use the spells often, they are at her call should she choose to implement them.
Intelligence Global Skilled Racial Self Satana is actually a very intelligent woman. She absorbs knowledge, of any kind, quickly and enjoys doing so! This is one of the reasons she was able to progress so quickly in many other areas such as her fighting and her magic. She rarely shows this side of herself but rather allows, and even encourages, people to underestimate her intelligence.
Basilisk National Champion Mystical Special Within Satana lies, at her command, a very powerful demon called Basilisk whom she can release to do her bidding and then recall to her and his prison within her once more. Basilisk is the demon that inspired the legends. A massive serpent like demon with razor sharp fangs and highly toxic venom as well as a paralyzing stare. Basilisk has an interesting 'arsenal'. He fangs are sharp enough to pierce even the skin of a God. His venom, while not deadly, causes one to become very ill and makes it feel as if you have fire running through your veins. His stare, when he is able to make eye contact with his foe, paralyzes them until the demon leaves or for about ten minutes, whichever happens first.
Soul Reading Global Champion Racial Proximity: Sight Satana has the ability to read the souls of others. She can see your greatest weakness, fear, desire… She knows all of your past sins and can see how dark or pure the soul is.


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