Actor Gwendoline Christie
Full Name Lotta Loboda
Codename OverPower
Position Freed Slave/Prisoner
Alignment Anti-Hero
Race Meta-Human
Age 21
Height 7'2"
Weight 300
Hair Short-Blonde
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Average
FC or OC Original Character

Comic Source







"Just because I'm fighting on the good side doesn't mean I'm some goddamn girl scout. "

Preferred Styles

True to Life, Street/Action, Epic, Adult, Romantic, Angsty, Social, Humorous, Classic, Horror, Detective, Alternative/Esoteroic, and Team.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Power Plant Global Grand Mastery Mutational Self OP generates energy constantly. Though she can generally control the amount she produces, she cannot stop producing power completely. At her lowest setting she produces enough to run a quiet residential block while at her peak production she produces more than enough to power a metropolis. The more she uses her own powers the more power she generates, her power generation always racing to stay ahead of her power use.
Power Storage Global Skilled Mutational Self OP not only generates power, she is capable of storing tremendous amounts of it as well. This ability to store energy allows her to live a life without always being hooked up to a power grid. At low power settings she's capable of storing a couple days of production before she begins to leak. -See Power Discharge-
Power Discharge Global Grand Mastery Mutational Within 1KM OP can store tremendous amounts of energy, but even she has her limits. Reaching those limits is painful and she only can hold it for for so long before the energy begins to leak. When energy beings to spill out of her it will manifest in a variety of ways, heat, static electricity, gravity distortions, etc. With some control OP can spill her excess out into willing vessels, powergrids and other energy absorbing/storing items. Depending on the vessel, this can safely bleed off her power and let her Power Generation slow down to manageable levels. In worst case scenarios, when she needs to bleed off vast amounts of power quickly, she can release all her power in devastating explosions of light, heat, electromagnetics, kinetic waves, gravity storms etc. At full capacity this is on the level of thermonuclear weapons, though she has never actually produced any radiation aftereffects.
Energy Blast Global Skilled Mutational Within sight OP can dump energy out in other ways, the most common being releasing enormous beams of energy and destruction. These beams are bullet fast in atmosphere, light fast in space and are two to three feet across. Though there is a lot of light and heat produced, the main damaging force is a blunt concussive effect. When OP is 'street level' these blasts hit with the force of a linebacker's tackle. When fully powered these beams can hit with the force of the main guns of a battleship and more.
Super Strong National Skilled Mutational Self OP is incredibly strong, though in reality it is a manifestation of kinetic energy, essentially short range TK. She can toss around tanks with the best of them, though a punch isn't going to generate the same kind of 'umph' as one of her energy blasts. When she is 'street' level she can heft a ton or so, and her effective strength climbs into stratosphere as her power plant cranks out more energy, topping out just behind the top tier bricks.
Super Tough National Skilled Mutational Self OP is incredibly tough. At 'street' level, she can absorb several bullets without effect. As her power ramps up, she quickly grows increasingly resistant to physical attacks, letting her absorb blows from even the most powerful pugilists though never quite as well as the true specialists in this area.
Energy Tough Galactic Skilled Mutational Self OP is incredibly tough and is even tougher when it comes to energy attacks. Even at her weakest, she is able to absorb devastating energy attacks and at her most powerful, she is effectively immune.
Flight National Skilled Mutational Self OP is capable of flying with little to no effort. It is as easy for her as walking and is even capable of doing so when she's asleep, and will often wake up floating an inch off her bed. She can fly at speeds approaching 1000 MPH in atmosphere and is considerably faster outside of atmosphere.
Survive Environmental Extremes National Skilled Mutational Self OP's toughness extends to protecting her from environmental effects such as the extremes of pressure and vaccuum. She is able to endure the effects of heat, cold, radiation. Combined with her toughness, she is able to operate in space without any sort of protection, limited only by her ability to hold her breath.


Name Relation Notes
Lars Loboda Brother King-Psionic supervillain and all around bad guy.
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