Olivia Queen
Actor Amanda Seyfried
Full Name Olivia Moira Queen
Codename Green Arrow
Position Vigilante
Alignment Hero
Race Human
Age 28
Height 5'8"
Weight 125
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Local

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Is that so? Well, my absolute hatred of dog-ridin' totalitarian @$$#&%$ justifies this!

Evenin', Ma'am. Team Arrow is pleased to offer a new service to all of our Star City subscribers. For no additional costs, you're free to administer a few strategic kicks to your would-be assailant here. And when I say strategic, I mean his crotch.

Preferred Styles

All. I'm open to everything.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Agility Regional Skilled Racial Self After spending 3 years on Starfish Island, Olivia had learned to use her surroundings for climbing, running, etc. Due to constant exercise and training, her agility is much more skilled then the average person.
Attractive Local Skilled Racial Self An asset more then a skill, Olivia uses her looks to her advantage, typically using it to increase any persuasion she uses.
Intellect Regional Skilled Racial Self Despite her reputation for being a no-holds-barred party girl, Olivia's rather intelligent. Upon her return from the Island, she was able to help lead her parents' company as well as hold down a 'nighttime' job as the hooded vigilante.
Stamina Regional Skilled Racial Self While on the Island, Olivia had developed a new definition for Stamina. Having to stay on her toes, Olivia has developed a strong sense of stamina.


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