Morgan Le Fay
Actor Kate McGrath
Full Name Morgan le Fay
Codename The Sorceress
Position Princess of Avalon
Alignment Anti-Hero
Race Human
Age Unknown
Height 5'8"
Weight 124 lbs.
Hair Dark Purple (Blackish)
Eyes Smokey Green
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source



Earth 616 (Mostly)




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Preferred Styles

True to Life, Street/Action, Epic, Adult, Romantic, Angsty, Social, Humorous, Classic, Horror, Detective, Alternative/Esoteroic, and Team.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Empathy Global Grand Mastery Racial Distance Half fae, Morgan has strong empathic abilities. She can feel and manipulate the emotions of others as well as project her own. She's had this ability since birth and, like all of her gifts, has spent her life honing it to a fine point. She able to turn it on and off and can feel people up to sixty miles in any given direction. Being able to touch someone makes this easier.
Telepathy Global Grand Mastery Racial Distance Just like her empathy, this ability is a bi-product of her bloodline. She can receive and send thoughts as well as read those of others. This has a bit more distance too it, however. Her maximum reach with this is seventy miles unless she's exceptionally familiar with the mind she's reaching for, at which point there's no limit to it. Her control over this is such that she never inadvertently hears anything. If she can touch the person, it's easier for her to read them.
Shapechanging Galactic Mastery Racial Self Morgan has mastered the ability to shift her form. She can change into any person or creature, be it real or mythical.
Animal Speech Global Mastery Racial Distance Another gift from her fae half, Morgan possesses the ability to communicate with animals. This works in a fifty mile radius. She can sense what animals are near and speak to them as well as understand them. She hasn't shared with anyone just how this works. Only that it does.
Flight National Grand Mastery Mystical Self Through her magick, Morgan has the ability to fly. Her speed maxes out at around seventy-five miles an hour.
Astral Projection Galactic Champion Mystical Self There is little, if anything, dealing with the Astral Plane or the projection of her Astral Form that Morgan cannot accomplish. So skilled in this, is she, that her spirit has survived the death of her body using the Astral Plane. She is able to project her Astral Form into the physical world. She has full use of her abilities and magick in her Astral Form and can manipulate and shape the Astral Form to bend to her will.
Illusions Galactic Grand Mastery Mystical Distance Able to create multiple illusions at once, all of which are all but impossible to tell are illusions, Morgan has a maximum range of around eighty miles in any direction with this and it does take a bit of focus.
Healing Galactic Champion Mystical Proximity Morgan has managed to bring herself back from the dead before. Little happens that she can't heal on herself or others. To be used on others, they must be within eyesight. It is easier, still, if she can touch them.
Spirit Control Global Grand Mastery Mystical Proximity While the subject must be in eyesight of Morgan, she has the ability to separate the soul from the body and control the spirit.
Mental Capacity Galactic Grand Mastery Racial Self Cunning, witty, able to think in multiple streams at once, focus on multiple activities, exceptionally intelligent, a quick learner… All of these describe Morgan's intellect and she's had plenty of time to perfect it.
Magic Sense Global Grand Mastery Racial Distance Anything that emits any kind of supernatural power or magic within a one hundred mile radius of Morgan will draw her attention. She can sense the type of magic it is and it's strength as well as the control the user has on it. She can also track the feeling back to it's source.


Name Relation Notes
Arthur Pendragon Half Brother Fool. He has no idea what he has done to our world.
Igraine Mother Morgan's mother and one of the royalty of Avalon.

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Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Catching Up January 23, 2014 January 23rd Loki and Morgan get all caught up with what the other has been up to and new plans are formed.

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