Actor AnnaSophia Robb
Full Name Allison Wesfried
Codename Monster
Position Former Student
Alignment Neutral
Race Mutant
Age 16
Height 5'2
Weight 115
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Average

Comic Source



OC (Runaways)




“It is an awful thing to be betrayed by your body. And it's lonely, because you feel you can't talk about it. You feel it's something between you and the body. You feel it's a battle you will never win … and yet you fight it day after day, and it wears you down. Even if you try to ignore it, the energy it takes to ignore it will exhaust you.” -David Levithan, Every Day

Preferred Styles

It's all good!

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Psychomachia Galactic Skilled Mutation Personal Some have heard the phrase 'The Madder Hulk Gets'… And in some ways this power might be similar. Instead of getting exponentially stronger the more angry, upset, or terrified she get… Allie gets faster. It starts with simple chemical processes in her adrenal glands stimulating her fight or flight reflexes. Psychomachia sets in, and changes occur on the cellular level. She becomes sleeker, more aerodynamic. Muscles refine themselves for speed. Eventually, when she hits a wall to what physical improvement can give, her cells begin creating pockets of altered physics around her that let her break the normal rules preventing a living thing from going super-humanly fast. The longer a conflict goes on, the fast-and faster she'll get. Where she starts out moving thirty to forty miles an hour, in time, even bullets might seem to crawl through the air. Unlike the Hulk, however, she gets neither stronger nor tougher, nor does her healing factor ramp up.
Transformation Local Skilled Mutation Personal Whenever her fight or flight reflex is engaged, she begins to transform. Muscles swell, body elongates and transforms, and eventually what is left is a seven foot long quadrapedal beast with dagger-like talons, sleek skin, slavering jaws, and as time wears on, increasingly little ability to reason or communicate. This animal half shouldn't be reckoned stupid, however. Like a predatory animal, it is cunning in its own way, and can be quite dangerous if the thing that brought it out continues to antagonize it. It is roughly as strong and tough as a peak-condition human, but is in no means bulletproof or able to throw minivans.


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