Actor Donnie Yen
Full Name Kyani Wagner
Codename N/A
Position Dark Justice
Alignment Good
Race Mutant/Magica
Age 22yrs old
Height 5'7"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Raven
Eyes Silver/Purple Metalic like.
Magnitude Local
FC or OC OC with FC parents

Comic Source

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"Don't take my kindness for weakness, you would be very sorry if you ever did. I'm not like my father."

Preferred Styles

Street, Action, Epic, Adult, Romantic, Dramatic, Angsty, Social, Humerous, Horror, Detective, Team

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Dark Vision Regional Mastery Mutation Self The ability to see in absolute darkness. He is able to make out everything as if he’s looking at it during the day. Though due to having eyes like this, there are drawbacks.
Teleportation Global Mastery Mutation Self/Touch Teleportation is one of Kyani’s primary mutant abilities. His teleportation was something very unique unto him. Kyani is able to teleport faster than his father as well as be more precise to the point of not needing to see the location to where he is teleporting to. He’s able to do this due to to his special awareness recognizing when he would teleport into something would assist him making sure he teleports into a room versus inside a fall or floor. Kyani is able to teleport up to about four miles, but his maximum distance he’s been able to manage is about 30 miles. He isn’t able to go as far as his father, but makes up for it in other areas. He is also able to sense when others are teleporting. Still when using his powers constantly, he drains him quiet quickly, those he teleports with him also are normally fatigued and get sick to their stomach. He’s able to teleport three people at a time, which severely tires him but a third would knock him out.
Brimstone Matter Creation Global Skilled Mutation Proximity/Distance Kyani is able to use the energy and matter of the Brimstone Dimension that he and his father uses to teleport to create blades of his own. He is able to use them as an extension of himself as he fights. The blades due to their nature are combustible, giving them a small blast when they strike an opponent but also they are very sharp and capable of cutting through most things they strike. They are not as powerful as a pure blast but strong enough to put about a 12in hole in a steel door or wall. They look ethereal with the blackish/purplish color of the displacement of Kyani’s teleports.
Brimstone Bolts Global Skilled Mutation Proximity/Distance With the ability to tap into the Brimstone Dimension, Kyani is able to channel the energy into ethereal shadow like bolts which he is able to launch at his enemies doing anything from stun damage to about the same about of damage as four frag grenades. These bolts are not as powerful as his mothers Hex Bolts, not by a long shot. But still are able to cause quite a bit of damage to structures and opponents alike.


Name Relation Notes
Kurt Wagner Father Nightcrawler is his father who married Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch here in Crossroads. He's inherited some of his father's code of honor.
Wanda Maximoff Mother Scarlet Witch is his mother, she married Kurt Wagner and he's inherited some of her abilities as well. He loves his mother deeply and misses them both.

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