Kurt Wagner
Actor N/A
Full Name Kurt Wagner
Codename Nightcrawler
Position Cathedral gargoyle
Alignment Hero
Race Mutant
Age 26
Height 5'9"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Blue
Eyes Yellow
Magnitude Local

Comic Source



Earth 616 and play from other sources




"Every so often, liebchen, since I look like a demon… I have this irresistible urge to play the part"

"You know, my mother told me there'd be days like this."

Preferred Styles

Heroic, Gritty, Social, Romantic, Detective

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Magic Sensitivity Regional Studied Mystical Proximity Kurt, having been raised by witches has some basic knowledge, through his travels through Limbo (some of the uniqueness has insinuated itself into him as a result), and by virtue of his parentage, he's got something of a sensitivity. He isn't a caster by any stretch of the imagination, however. The magic would have to be used within a square block of his location.
Clinging National Mastery Mutation Self He is also able to cling to vertical surfaces, walls and ceilings. This allows him to get to places where he can engage his Hide in Shadows ability.
Low-Light Vision Regional Mastery Mutation Self Kurt's pupil-less, glowing yellow eyes aid him in seeing in the dark. While he can't see in complete darkness, if there is the smallest of light sources, he can see; both in the IR and the normal spectrums.
Shadows National Mastery Mutation Self Kurt has the ability to blend into shadows, both as a result of his indigo fur, and the dimensional portal which always surrounds his body and absorbs light. (Excalibur, V.1, #65). As for whether or not those with enhanced senses can see him, 'the de facto Marvel explanation' is that he actually does have some control over that dimension from where he teleports. He doesn't open it, but he does bend into it. In the X-Men movie, 'X-Men United', Kurt is in the shadows and neither Jean nor Storm see him in hiding. In Unlimited X-Men #49, he does actually become invisible in shadow, and Uncanny X-Men #429, the same.
Teleportation Global Grand Mastery Mutations Touch Kurt has the ability to teleport, and to recognize when others do the same. His teleportation can be in short distances and in rapid "combat" bursts if need be. His 'usual', comfortable distance is roughly 2.5 miles per 'port, though he has been known to teleport up to about 50 miles. He has a basic spacial awareness that allows him to actually land on his feet. In his 'prime', he can carry two people with him in those short bursts of 2.5 miles if traveling, or in those "combat bursts" to render his opponent unconscious. This is not without side-effects, however. Teleportation does take willpower and does fatigue him, and any of his "passengers", though this is something that can be trained and improved upon.. on both counts- pilot and passenger. He uses his teleportation as part of his combat regimen, and constantly and consistently seeks to refine it. If he truly wished, he could choose to take as a passenger a single body part of another.. a hand, arm.. or a head.


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