Kokeshi Miyuki
Actor Mirei Kiritani
Full Name Kokeshi Miyuki
Codename Hotaru
Position Thief, Bartender, General Troublemaker & Gambit's trainee
Alignment Selfish
Race Human-Mutant
Age 18
Height 5'0"
Weight 95lbs
Hair Black w/ Blue Streaks
Eyes Black
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source





"Gomen, gomen!" … *walks away with wallet*

Preferred Styles

Street, Action, Adult, Dramatic, Social, Humorous, Alternative

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Umbrakinesis Regional Skilled Mutant Gene 10ft She can gather and control shadows. This, she can use to cover herself like a body-cloak, though she appears as a human-figured moving sillouette. She can also gather it in an area and channel it, to build an bubble of pure darkness. Right now, to maintain such an area, she has to remain still. If she is moved (Ie: Tackled, etc.), the bubble would cease. She cannot create shadows, only use those already present. Her shadows cannot harm; they are after all, just shadows. In time, she may learn to harden and focus the shadows as negative energy to create projectiles. She will also eventually be able to summon and create her own darkness/shadows for her own use.
Shadow Step Regional Skilled Mutant Gene 20ft She can use shadows to move distances and evade harm or attempt surprise attacks. She cannot create shadows for this purpose and has to use shadows already present. She cannot use her own shadow if standing; (IE: If she were to lift her foot to 'step' onto a shadow, then the shadow would move!), If she is laying on the ground, etc, then she could 'fall' into her own shadow. Once in the 'shadow realm', as she calls it, she can stay there for a temporary time; generally a few minutes at a time. If she is carrying another person through a shadow, however, the movement has to be instanteous as she cannot maintain two presences between shadows. If she is caught in the shadow realm, (IE: She disappears in a shadow and lights bright enough to chase away shadows are turned on), she can become trapped. This can deal to dire ill effects on her person, physically and mentally. At present she can only travel roughly 20 feet in any direction from shadow to shadow. This could increase with proper training and discipline.


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