Actor Lupita Nyong'o
Full Name Victoria Ojuku n'Gengi
Codename Flint
Position StormWatch Operative
Alignment Hero
Race Seedling
Age 26
Height 6'1
Weight 172 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Magnitude Local

Comic Source



Original WildStorm, pre Team Achilles




"I don't like it, but somebody has to do it"

Preferred Styles

Epic, Action, Romantic, Dramatic, Social, Team

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Invulnerability Local Grand-Mastery Mutational Self Flint's skin is as hard as rock. Bullets annoy her…a little. She can take a rocket and, well, it'll knock her back. Mundane weapons simply aren't going to hurt her, although armor-piercing rounds may do minor damage. She can take a fall from a height…and the only thing that will be damaged is whatever she hits. She walks through walls. Unfortunately, the walls don't tend to survive. She can take a hit from all but the most powerful superhumans and keep on fighting. If she is damaged, she heals at a normal speed. However, she has barely above normal resistance to non-lethal energy weapons or powers - she can actually be knocked out fairly easily. Her resistance to fire and damaging energy attacks is high, but not quite as high as to purely physical assaults. She has no protection against mental attacks.
Strength (Lifting) Local Local Mutational Self Unlike most bricks, Flint isn't that strong. She can lift a car and toss it, can maybe lift a semi if pushing it…but only part of it and not for very long. She definitely has super strength, but it's to a pretty low level.
Strength (Damage) Local Regional Mutational Self Although Flint can't lift that much, she still does impressive damage when she hits with her fists…or an improvised melee weapon. Her invulnerability and speed come into play, meaning she can easily kill a normal person with one punch. She can also drive her fingers into solid rock or brick walls…or tough flesh…and do damage that way.
Speed Local Local Mutational Self Flint isn't a speedster…but she does move faster than most. She can perform easy tasks (such as changing clothes) remarkably quickly, her reaction times are higher than most (especially for a brick).
Shockwave Regional Mastery Mutational Distance - 50 feet Flint has learned a neat trick - by using her speed, strength and solidity she can bring her hands or fists together and create a brutal blast of compressed air, enough to throw people back a good distance…and to be potentially lethal to unprotected normals.


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