Actor Jonathon Trent
Full Name Ethaniel Skye
Codename Exalt
Position type here
Alignment type here
Race Exalt (Demon Lord/Seraph hybrid)
Age 21
Height 6'1"
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Black (human)/Silver white (Exalt)
Eyes Green (Human)/red globed, gold pupils, slitted white irises (Exalt)
Magnitude Regional
FC or OC Original Character

Comic Source



To place Ethaniel, he hails from a continuity where most heroes exist on the same world, these being a 'standard' - as in, concept-wise - version of themselves inserted into a reality-like world.


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You want an explanation for why these guys are after me…?! Will a 'I dunno!' do, or should I move straight to 'not a f***ing clue'?

Oh no, being attacked by angels and demons left and right is my thursday workout routine.

Preferred Styles

Any style will do, although the least preferred ones would be those related to the Golden and Silver Age of comics. Funny and entertaining though they might be, the innocence present in them is not something that fits this character very much.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Hybrid Form Galactic Basic Birth Self Ethaniel is the son of the High Seraph, Yllorel, and the Demon Lord, Lorkosh. Although he normally seems human, his true form is a combination from both his parents' traits, a form he can slip into and from at will. In his Exalt form, he has three pairs of wings, like Seraphs do, which allow him to fly. The upper wings are of the purest white, like his mother's; the lower wings are black, like his father's; and finally, the middle wings are golden, with a hue that spreads to the other two pairs. His body is lean and muscular, and it betrays the appearance of his true physical attributes, which are, in lack of a better description, divine in nature, even if they're not fully discovered. Although this may sound obscure, what is certain is that Exalts are feared for 'bearing the powers of both demon and angel, therefore being potentially stronger than both beings combined'.
God-like Strength Galactic Champion Body Self Ethaniel is strong. Immensely strong. Because he just recently came into contact with his supernatural origins, he doesn't really know just how strong he is yet. However, a true, massively focused punch of his could severely rearrange the topography of an area for miles and miles on end. His body is able to lift somewhere in the order of the millions of tons with little effort. The strongest metals and alloys feel like clay in his hands: the common materials, like paper.
God-like Stamina Galactic Champion Body Self Ethaniel's body is vastly superior to that of a human's, so much that the basic needs of a human no longer apply to him. He can go without eating and sleeping for extended periods of time, in the order of days.
God-like Toughness Galactic Champion Body Self Ethaniel is strong, and has tissue thickness to match. He could withstand impacts of some of the highest convetional military weaponry, or have weights in the order of the thousands of tons dropped on him that he would come out of it relatively unscathed.
Wings Galactic Champion Body Self Using his wings, Ethaniel is able to move at massive speeds, defying even the speed of the quickest eye. He has shown on occasion to be able to move so fast, he seems to just vanish from sight altogether, or teleport away.
Regeneration Galactic Champion Body Self When hit, Ethaniel starts to regenerate damage, to an extent vastly superior to that of any human being. He's able to regenerate missing limbs, and even the loss of vital organs - although for the latter, he would lapse into a state of near-death to better regenerate, effectively removing him from battle. Any cuts are healed in just mere seconds, while broken bones heal under minutes. Full tissue regeneration occurs in an hour or so.
Heightened Senses/Perception Galactic Basic Body Horizon Ethaniel's senses are what you could call 'hyper-sharp'. His hearing is likely to be one of the sharpest on all of A'reen'ah, being able to hear whispers miles and miles away. His sight allows him to perceive across the whole of the spectrum, even frequencies which are still to be discovered by scientists, and across the infinetely small and the infinetely large. His sense of taste allows him to detect scents for miles, and hours after a trail would normally have grown cold. His sense of taste allows him to taste a molecule in a glass among millions of others. But all these hyper-sharp senses make him hyper-sensitive to elements which people were otherwise unaware of - which is to say, ignorance is bliss. And, given how he's just getting used to what he is, he has little or no experience filtering the information overload.
True Sight Galactic Basic Body Horizon This ability reflects Ethaniel's ability to pierce the veil of the supernatural, and recognize entities for what they are. In this fashion, he can sense the supernatural, the aetheric flows, the telluric currents, the ley lines of a planet, see souls and sense their nature. Also, this power allows him to see past illusions. In order for this to work, this power must be activated.
Essence Manipulation Galactic Basic Essence Self Ethaniel manipulates the combination of both angelic and demonic forces - an energy which, in his lack of knowledge about his origins, he calls Essence. This is an energy that he can use for a variety of purposes, but the most of these are still unknown to him. But the fact remains that it is through this energy that he may become able to perform deeds which are associated to Holy/Unholy magic.
Energy Projection Galactic Basic Essence Manipulation 5 miles Ethaniel can fire blasts of Essence trom his hands, from a simple bright light, to a full-fledged blast with truly destructive effects. Also, he is able to 'radiate' omnidirectionally, to an extent where he'd shine like a star in the sky - and anyone near enough would feel a effect akin to that of a nova flare. The thing here is… He lacks control. Blasts can - and often do - come out stronger than what he meant to, or weaker. Sometimes, the blasts may have the effect of a mere brush… While in other cases, they could pulverize an opponent, when all he meant to was to knock him/her/it down - that, or a lot of side damage is in effect.
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