Daimon Hellstrom
Actor Jensen Ackles
Full Name Daimon Hellstrom
Codename Hellstorm
Position Doctor, Lord of Hell
Alignment Neutral
Race Incubus
Age 28
Height 6'5"
Weight 200lbs
Hair Flame-Red
Eyes Ice-Blue
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source



Shattered Heroes - Fear Itself




"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav'n" — Milton, "Paradise Lost"

Preferred Styles

True to Life, Street/Action, Epic, Adult, Romantic, Angsty, Social, Humorous, Classic, Horror, Detective, Alternative/Esoteroic, and Team.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Hellfire Global Grand-Mastery Mystical Sensory Also known as Soulfire. Daimon commands the same psychic fire as his sister, Satana, which does not physically burn, as such, but strikes its target with concussive force, and causes people to relive horrors, nightmares etc until such time as they can overcome the induced terror. His Netheraneum Trident helps him focus and intensify this power.
Earthfire Regional Grand-Mastery Mystical Sensory In addition to his command over soulfire, Daimon can create and control earthly fire as well. With his trident, he can melt most metals, barring those especially enchanted against fire, or substances like vibranium, adamantium and Netheraneum.
Flight Regional Mastery Racial Self Daimon can project his Soulfire behind him to achieve flight. He usually requires his trident to help him better channel his energies, but he can fly without it. He is no Superman in the air, but with the Trident, he could possibly tail Thor if he wished. He prefers to use his chariot for this kind of travelling anyway.
Soul-Siphon Global Grand-Mastery Racial Touch Also known as ‘Mind-Flay’ and the ‘Incubus’ Touch’, Daimon has the power to drain the ‘soul’ of a target, absorbing their life-force, knowledge and strength — and thus strengthening, feeding himself. This requires touch (both hands), and focus. Daimon generally feeds off the strength of other demons, forcing him to perpetually fight his own kind, to stay alive. He can use this ability to a lesser degree, to pull — rather, tear — specific thoughts, feelings and secrets from the minds of others (a dark form of focused telepathy). Daimon can assimilate a great deal of knowledge, very quickly. If he is wearing his mother’s Ankh, he does not have to feed this way — but his powers are considerably diminished).
Superhuman Physique Local Mastery Racial Self It is said that the ‘Son of Satan’ has the strength ‘of a hundred men’. He derives his strength (as well as his enhanced speed, durability and stamina) from his half-demonic side, is thus faster and more agile than the typical Olympian athlete. Conventional weapons do little damage to him, and he can heal quickly with the aid of his mystic arts.
Superhuman Senses Local Mastery Racial Sensory All of Daimon’s senses are particularly heightened, just like others of his kind. He can see in the dark, tell demons and humans apart by smell, and can track heat-signatures (infrared).
Dark Arts Global Grand-Mastery Mystical Special Daimon possesses a vast knowledge of the Dark Arts, spell-casting, demon-summoning, illusion-creating, etc — rivalling even that of Doctor Strange. In his home dimension, his power was nigh absolute.
Mystic Sense Regional Grand-Mastery Mystical Distance Daimon, like his sister, is attuned to dark energies — magicks, and in particular ‘hellish’ magicks. He can track these emanations across significant distances, with the help of his scrying spells. He is also especially drawn to Death.


Name Relation Notes
Satan Father No, not the 'real' Satan — just the demon-lord strong enough to claim the title. I know his True Name, and I killed him with it.
Victoria Hellstrom Mother Deceased now. People say of their loved ones: "Maybe she's in a better place." I know what her life was like. And she is.
Satana Sister Sister. Dear, little sister Satana. I love her. I hate her. It is the same thing, when one thinks about it.
Hellcat Ex-Wife Patsy Walker. Still, I love her… but do not ask how she is now; you would not like the answer.

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Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
End of the Prophet January 24, 2014 January 24th SHIELD Responds to rescue Lois from the Prophet, and others happen by to give a hand.

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