Actor Karolina Kurkova
Full Name Marcia Ann Slayton
Codename Backlash
Position UN Sanctioned Heroine, Leader
Alignment Hero
Race Human
Age over 3,000 (looks mid-twenties)
Height 5'11"
Weight 165
Hair Pale Blonde (white)
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source



Earth-50 (alternate)




We were all good little soldiers, Craven. But a woman draws the line when it comes to her family.

Preferred Styles

All. Just ask.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Strength Local Studied Racial Touch As a half-Kherubim, blessed with that biology, Marcia is far stronger than she appears, not quite being limited to human potentials despite her human appearance. She can left close to a ton normally, and has been known to push as high as a ton and a half in truly exceptional situations.
Durability Local Skilled Racial Self Marcia's half-Kherubim biology also makes her incredibly durable, her body super-dense and hard. Standard firearms do little moer than sting and scrape her skin, and muscle-powered weapons from less than the super-strong are similarly of little threat.
Accelerated Healing Local Skilled Racial Self Marcia's half-Kherubim biology also allows her to heal much more quickly from injury and weakness than any normal human could achieve. Soft tissue injuries without critical components can heal in a matter of a day or two. Those with critical components - organ damage, tendons, etc - will take a couple more days to fully recover. Broken bones - rare, but they do happen - may take as much as a week. In general, this accelerated healing is not a factor in combat, but generally means she is ready to go into another fight again much faster.
Superhuman Agility Regional Mastery Mutational Self Marcia's agility and quickness have exceeded even that of her half-Kherubim heritage, enhanced by her Gen-Factor activation. As such, she is well beyond even Olympic champion levels, a parkour dream of quickness, grace and agility.
Psionic Whips - Constriction Regional Skilled Mutational Sensory (sight) Thanks to the activation of the GenFactor in Marcia's blood, she can project whips of psionic energy from the backs of her hands. These whips seem to have no practicable limit in length, and respond as much to her will as to any physical effort to move them. They can wrap around and entrap targets, generally at any range Marcia can see, and through any opening no matter how small. The whips are far stronger even than handcuffs or manacles, but can be broken by super-strong individuals (those able to bring a few tons of force to bear).
Psionic Whips - Shock Local Mastery Mutational Sensory (sight) Marcia can generate shocks of energy along her whips, which can shock those in contact with them - capable of damaging or destroying electronics, and equal to a heavy military tazer in stunning force to other targets.
Psionic Whips - Cutting Regional <Mastery Mutational Sensory (sight) Marcia's psi-whips can in fact cut through most materials. Of course, they cut through some things faster or easier than others. Most standard metals will yield relatively easily. Very strong armored metals will cut slowly, requiring the equivalent of sawing back and forth to apply more power to the effort. Truly exceptional metals like adamantium, vibranium, uru, unobtanium and the like would likely take hours of effort to make a scratch, however, if that.
Psionic WHips - Swinging Local Studied Mutational Sensory (sight) Marcia's energy whips can wrap around objects, as well, and since they direct themselves based upon her will, they can be used to allow her to climb - like a grappling hook and line - or to swing from point to point. It isn't something that Marcia does often, but she can, and she practices doing so for when she may need it. It's helpful that it doesn't require any additional gear.
Intangibility National Studied Mutational Self Marcia has the ability to turn herself into a voluminous cloud of purple-tinted gas. In this gaseous form, most physical and energy attacks cannot touch or affect her, though theoretically something that could gather up and entrap her gaseous form could trap her, or even allow for some chemical or energy reaction to destroy her. But in general, she cannot be harmed, yet neither can she touch or harm others. She can pass through solid barriers if there are any gaps sufficient to allow a gas to pass through. If there are 'air purity' sensors, they might be able to detect her. She can only maintain this for a few minutes, a half an hour at the most. The longer she remains insubstantial, the more tiring and jarring it is once she has returned to her physical form.


Name Relation Notes
Lord S'ylton Father Enhanced Kherubim Lord of Atlantis, sacrificed himself to imprison the D'rahn.
Ferrian Foster Father Lord S'ylton's advisor, raised Marcia to adulthood, tutoring her in fighting skills. Abandoned her afterwards, disappearing from sight. Reunited millennia later when the D'rahn returned.
Aries Biological Son Stolen from his father's care in Japan as a child, raised by Kaizen Gamorra (Yon Khol), rapidly aged to enhance his genetic potential.
Jodi Slayton Biological Daughter Given up to and raised by her other mother (Lynn Morinaka) at birth. Reunited with Marcia after Lynn's death.

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