Avery Greene
Actor Devon Jade
Full Name Avery Greene
Race Mutant
Age 16
Height 5'2''
Weight 98 lbs
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Regional

Comic Source



Earth 616




I know you look that way at me and wonder if I could someday save you. Because the water runs over your head from time to time and you don’t feel like swimin’, no. How sad you seem to get if you feel you cant stand up on your own, don't hang your head low your smile it makes me so much stronger.-Good Morning Milo

Preferred Styles

True to Life, Street/Action, Epic, Adult, Romantic, Angsty, Social, Humorous, Classic, Horror, Alternative/Esoteroic, and Team.

Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Range Source Details
Telepathy National Basic 500 ft Self Avery is an open channel, her mind is always reaching out towards other and listening, connecting. Her skill in it could be great if there was someone to help her harness all that raw power.
Telekinesis Local Studied 500 ft Self Slightly more under her control is the power to move things, it's very useful for getting the remote off the table but she is still largely untrained.
Shape Shifting Local Mastery Self Self Avery can alter her appearance. She can't grow any taller or shorter but the can alter her skin, hair, eyes, and figure.


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