Astridr Thordottir
Actor N/A
Full Name Astridr Ragnahilde Thordottir
Codename N/A
Position Sanctuary's Princess
Alignment type here
Race Asgardian
Age Unknown
Height Almost 6'
Weight N/A
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Regional

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Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Strength National Mastery Racial Self Astridr can lift as much as the typical Asgardian female which maxes out at 25 tons.
Density Global Mastery Racial Self Being an Asgardian makes Astridr's body much harder to damage. She can withstand things such as high energy blasts, extreme temperatures, explosions, extreme depths and extreme force. Her tissue being so dense makes her very difficult to hurt but it's not impossible. She's also far heavy than one might guess simply by looking at her.
Stamina Global Grand Mastery Racial Self Being Asgardian means that Astridr never really needs to sleep, eat or drink and perform at peak performance for weeks on end before she every even starts to tire.
Healing National Skilled Racial Self Despite it all, Astridr can be hurt though her body regenerates much quicker than any humans. Gashes and punctures can take only hours. Broken bones? Mere days.
Untrained Magic Global Basic Racial Special Having grown up on A'ree'nah Astridr did not have access to other skilled and trained mages to learn from. While her affinity for magic is quite strong, she has zero discipline, and the effects of her 'spells' can sometimes change randomly. She has accepted this as 'just how magic works' and does not let it concern her overmuch.
Fire Manipulation Local Skilled Racial 10 yards Despite being almost completely self-taught, Astridr is a power spell-caster. She is capable of creating and controlling flames, to either do something as innocuous as lighting a candle or as potentially damaging as hurling grapefruit-sized spheres of flame. She can also smother flames, dousing fires big enough to potentially risk people's lives and homes.
Weather Manipulation Local Skilled Racial 1 mile Astridr is able manipulate weather patterns in a very localized region: an area no larger than 100 by 100 meters. She has a much easier time whipping up storms than she does creating calm weather, but she can do it if she tries.
Levitation Local Skilled Racial 10 yards Astridr has never been that keen on the whole horseback riding thing. She learned early and well how to levitate herself and objects up to a maximum total weight of about 200 pounds to avoid the filthy beasts. She cannot levitate more than three objects besides herself simultaneously, and the objects have to be within ten yards of her at all times or she drops them.
Plant Manipulation Local Skilled Racial 10 yards One of the more unusual abilities that Astridr taught herself is causing plants to grow or wilt at an accelerated rate. Bringing a plant from a seed to full flower or fruit-bearing maturity would take her several days of effort for at least eight hours each day (an exhausting proposition), but she can cause plans to shrivel and wilt almost instantly. Her ability to affect plants only reaches about 10 yards from her person, though direct contact with a plant would greatly accelerate the process.
Water Manipulation Local Skilled Racial 10 yards Very similar to her flame manipulation Astridr can affect water temperatures - bringing containers of water to boiling or freezing though only in quantities that do not exceed 100 gallons. Like the plant manipulation, she can affect water within 10 yards of herself but direct contact with the water greatly accelerates the temperature changes.
Invisibility Local Skilled Racial Self Probably her least-used magical ability is turning herself invisible, though only for a moment or two at a time. The longest she can remain invisible is one minute, and doing so drains her considerably. This does not render her undetectable by sound, smell, or touch.


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