Arnthor Thorson
Actor Ben Barnes
Full Name Arnthor Thorson
Codename Arnthor
Position Prince of Asgard and Lord of Sanctuary
Alignment Hero
Race Asgardian
Age Unknown
Height 6'4
Weight 575 lbs.
Hair Dark
Eyes Blue
Magnitude Regional

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Character Details

Name Magnitude Prowess Source Range Details
Strength Global Mastery Racial Self Maximum strength of 150 tons.
Speed Global Mastery Racial Self Maximum speed of 325 mph.
Stamina Global Mastery Racial Self Can go, at peak performance, about two weeks before he starts to wear down.
Healing Global Grand Mastery Racial Self Arnthor heals very quickly. Broken bones heal in mere hours.
Breath Regional Mastery Racial 125 yds. Like his father, he can use his breath to produce hurricane force winds.
Teleport Global Grand Mastery Racial Special Like Sif, he can teleport to anywhere on the world he's on or anyone he knows.
Electrokinesis Regional Grand Mastery Racial 45 yds. Arnthor has his father's ability to harness the various forms of lightning/electricity.
Winds National Mastery Racial 10 mi. Anything from a light breeze to the worst of winds are at the beck and call of Arnthor.
Rain Regional Grand Mastery Racial 7 mi. A gentle summer drizzle or a hurricane like downpour, Arnthor can summon any type of rain.
Intelligence National Grand Mastery Racial Self Arnthor is extremely intelligent. On top of a normal education, he was taught the art of war by his mother and so is a master strategist and tactician as well as a natural born leader.
Asgardian Global Grand Mastery Racial Self As an Asgardian, Arnthor was born with an agility and density that is natural to his race. The agility was honed to as sharp a point as possible given his size.


Name Relation Notes
Thor Father The father he doesn't really remember.
Sif Mother His mother and Queen, which he's very protective of.
Astridr Sister His twin sister of whom he's very protective.
Loki Uncle One of his Uncles. He never really knew him.
Odin & Frigga Grandparents What can be said? He doesn't remember them.
Jord Grandmother He never knew her.
Heimdall Uncle Only met him a handful of times and doesn't remember him.

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