When picking a patron, remember that they are technically picking you. Alpha tends to look for those who are creative and personable as they align with its own personality. Omega tends to find those who are ruthless and destructive, again due to its own nature. In many cases, they could easily pick the same person for different reasons. Remember always that the end goal of Alpha is to destroy, even if through subterfuge and the end goal of Omega is to create and defend what exists, even if the creations are seemingly destructive. Subtle plays can happen, using an ally on opposite sides of the conflict and the rules do allow for wooing a champion to their side of the conflict.

If a person drawn here as an incidental when part of a world was ripped out proves useful, they may end up getting drawn directly into the conflict under one patron or another. More or less, any character can change sides at any given time or be drawn in at any moment. It is also important to note that what the two patrons see as useful may be very odd things. Sometimes a seemingly powerless being gets drawn into one side or another. At other times, the seemingly powerful are all but ignored.

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