As the name implies, Omega is and was the destroyer of creation within a number of realities. Perhaps not the creator of all reality, but still quite powerful. Originally simply a force, sentience was required to properly manage it's task. With sentience comes ego and a desire for entertainment.

In the give and take struggle with its sibling, a fight errupted between them as to who was the more powerful. This competition eventually formed into a test to see who could do the others job more effectively. The entropic devourer was now forced to fuel new creation. Its powers were all those of destruction, so it was forced to find ways to use destruction to spark ever greater creation and evolution.

Should Omega win the conflict, what little remains in this reality will be destroyed. It will have the right to greater destruction in any other reality it presides over as well. While it gives off a sense of death and is clearly unpleasant, the stated goals of ensuring creation is not destroyed seem to imply that it is the good being in the conflict.

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