The native people are strange beings known as Borrians. They call this planet Borri, though most people don't bother referring to the planet by a name unless they have some reason in specific and happen to know what the natives call it. These beings are a sort of floating mollusk with a skirt of flesh and a few strange tentacle limbs. (Those who take the option for no patron in cg will have met them immediately) While they are able to speak through a vibration of membrane, many only know their native language and english. Often they keep to themselves, staying in the slums of the city.

There are another sort of native as well. Since there have been a number of generations drawn into this conflict, not as champions, but as people ripped out of their worlds as the chunk of land the champion stood on was drawn along, humanoids have now come to populate the city. There are some who have seen four generations of their family living in this world. It is the only home they know. While their lineage does tend to trace back to certain basic worlds, they themselves are entirely native. Some of them decide to join the conflict. Others simply keep out of it and go about their daily lives.

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