Within a given comic source, there are often beings that stand between realities, able to move through them easily. Further, many of the major comic lines now have multiple earths where similar characters exist, but whose lives took very different paths. Once in a great while (ala Marvel vs DC, etc) Entire sets of reality enter into points of cross. However, this setting is one that is a nexus to all possibilities throughout all comic realities without regard to the companies. Alpha and Omega are strong enough to prevent entry or leaving unless they desire it, so there is zero chance of someone random just falling in unless drawn along with a champion and no chance that you will escape outside of death or serving the cause well enough to be sent back. Once in a whiel one proves useless enough that they are thrown back in disgust, but that isn't really an aspiration to most. More or less, this universe is set apart, but able to connect to any other at any time as the patrons require. Even within itself it is lonely.

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