On any special skill, powers or gear, there is a Magnitude. If not, that falls under an effect instead of an ability. The Magnitude is a gauge not of the personal prowess within that ability, but instead a measure of what sort of scope the power itself would rest on. Magnitude and Prowess are always used in conjunction with one another. Because the Magnitude and Prowess work together, there is a signifigant overlap of where a given ability could be counted. A character who has a low Prowess power that is of a Galactic Magnitude may be overcome by someone with a Global Magnitude, but signifigantly higher Prowess, just as an example. It should be noted that some abilities such as running for most people will be based on Character Magnitude, while for speedsters it would be National or Global. Use good judgement when determining the Magnitude of an ability, especially when that ability might exist within a broad range of Magnitudes.

Magnitude Level Explanation
Average Others in the neighborhood might have this ability.
Local A few others in the city could have similar abilities.
Regional Only a few in a given State would have this ability.
National One or two in a nation or cluster of small nations may possess.
Global The entire world holds only a few with this sort of power.
Galactic The galaxy itself holds very few with this power relatively speaking.
Cosmic Multiple galaxies find only a few. NPC only
Inter-dimensional Multiple realities are spanned by these abilities and are rare. NPC only

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