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January 24, 2014
Title: End of the Prophet
Quick Description: SHIELD Responds to rescue Lois from the Prophet, and others happen by to give a hand.
Characters: Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Lois Lane, Melinda May, Tim Drake, Black Widow, Daimon Hellstrom, and Fred from Accounting
Styles:: Disclaimer: Some Gore/Language, Action, Suspense

January 23, 2014
Title: Catching Up
Quick Description: Loki finally returns to Eldred after taking care of a few things elsewhere and gets all caught up on the work Morgan's been doing.
Characters: Loki and Morgan le Fay
Styles: Social and Romantic

December 23, 2013
Title: Joking Around
Quick Description: Whilst exploring Crossroads, Bruce Banner, Black Widow and Pepper Potts run afoul of the Joker and his minions. Hawkeye responds to Black Widow's signal and provides backup. Hulk… smashes.
Characters: Hulk, Black Widow, Pepper Potts & Hawkeye
Styles: Social, Action, Smashing

December 21, 2013
Title: Great Minds
Quick Description: Tony Stark and Bruce Banner team up to try and find a way back home…
Characters: Tony Stark & Bruce Banner
Styles: Social

December 19, 2013
Title: Us and Them
Quick Description: Loki and Morgan le Fey welcome a new addition to A'ree'nah, when Bruce Banner and Black Widow also turn up.
Characters: Loki Odinson, Morgan le Fey, Allie, Black Widow & Bruce Banner
Styles: Social

December 19, 2013
Title: War Stories
Quick Description: Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner meet again, to talk and plan.
Characters: Black Widow & Bruce Banner
Styles: Social

December 19, 2013
Title: House Calls
Quick Description: Natasha Romanoff and Nick Fury pay a visit to Bruce Banner.
Characters: Black Widow, Bruce Banner and Nick Fury
Styles: Social, Classic

December 18, 2013
Title: The Doctor is In
Quick Description: Familiar faces greet Doctor Bruce Banner, after he lands in to Ar'een'ah — then the 'Other Guy' turns up.
Characters: Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson, Sue Richards, Black Widow and Iron Man
Styles: Social, Classic, Humorous, Action & Dramatic

November 27, 2013
Title: This isn't the end..
Quick Description: After a painful conversation with Sif, Eir finds comfort with Loki with unexpected results.
Characters: Loki Odinson, Eir
Styles: Social, Emotional

November 26, 2013
Title: New Welcoming Committee
Quick Description: After seeing a falling star in the sky, Thor and Loki go to investigate.
Characters: Nick Fury, Thor Odinson, Loki Odinson
Styles: Social

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