Posting A Log

Ready to post your log? Perfect! Follow the steps below and if you have any questions or need any help, contact Gamma

1.) Login.
2.) Go to the Logs page by following the link above.
3.) Click Edit in the lower right hand corner.
4.) What you'll see is that code of the page which should look something like this:

__March 14, 2013__
**Title:** [[[log:03222013-1 |Tea for Two]]]
**Quick Description**: Tea time for Joe and Jess quickly goes south when the cafe is attacked.
**Characters:** [[[pc:Joe]]] and [[[pc:Jess]]]
**Styles:** Social, Angsty & Dramatic

Just copy and paste the above code into the page. Your log should go at the top of the list.

Title should be given in log:<link>|<title> format. But what should the link be?
We post all our logs in the format of <MMDDYYYY-#> so you need to see which # your log will be. The date should be the OOC date that the scene took place.
The reason for the number after the OOC date is so that more than one log can be posted on that day.

See if there are any other logs from that day. If so, yours will be the next # in line. If not, yours will be MMDDYY-1.

DO NOT delete or overwrite someone else's log and links. You need to copy and paste the code to add yours to the list, not overwrite it.

5.) Finish the edit and save the page.
6.) Now view the page and make sure it is okay. You should have made a link to your new page in the Title part by putting brackets around the name of your new log.
7.) Click that link. It doesn't exist yet so the wiki will ask you if you want to create a new page. Click create page.
8.) As long as you left the link named log:<MMDDYYYY-#>, it will automatically bring up the page template for logs.
9.) Fill in the necessary information. Make sure to leave the ==== dividers in place.
10.) Save the page.
11.) Click Tags in the lower right hand corner.
12.) Add tags. Include names for all characters involved in the scene as well as the four digit ooc year and the full name of the ooc month of the log. (Use a - in place of a space or ' if required.) To include the log in the logs listing for an NPC add the tag 'npc-<name>'.

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