The Doctor is In

OOC Date: December 18, 2013
IC Date: December 18, 2013
Characters: Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Sue Richards and Black Widow

Nuclear "Bannerville" Springs - Wastelands - A'ree'nah
A chunk of what appears to be a town from the 1960s of America rests in a once-bare patch of ground in the Wastelands. It is bordered on two sided with an old, cyclone-wire fence, with the edges all twisted and frayed as if having been forcibly torn - or bitten - apart. It has seen better days. What was once a steel mesh gate spanning the main street is now a twisted, shapeless piece of debris - lying next to a playground populated with battered old mannequins of children and adults.

In the centre of the street stands a postman, and a stray dog fossicks around in the trash for some food scraps. A woman with only one arm is putting on make-up, and a small boy with only one leg is trying to kick a soccerball — all mannequins. All fake. Burnt-out and time-worn cars, bikes and buses sit dead in the street, outside houses equally lifeless. Only one house in the centre of the town appears habitable. A sign hangs on a post just outside the fence. It reads: "Nuclear Springs, NV. Population: O" except it has been crossed out with green spraypaint to read: "Bannerville. Population: 1".


The sun is setting in the distance against the horizon and the two moons are rising on the other side as twilight threatens to take over. Within the spanse of desert is a single figure, the reflection of the sun's light fading against his armor, though the glow of the eyes and triangle core in the chest would make him easy to spot. Currently, he has a hunk of metal dug out of the sand, laser cutting a corner off while he runs field diagnostics. Of course, outwardly, it just looks like he's cutting a piece of the metal off the corner.

The ground shakes.

The wind gathers up momentum, blowing in several directions at once — all emanating from the same location, not far from the armored figure in the desert. Lightning strikes the ground once… twice… thrice… and in an instant, what was once a bare patch of heath is suddenly occupied by what appears to be a town.

Or part of one.

Twisted and broken cyclone fencing borders a chunk of what is supposed to be a main street that passes a series of old, decrepit buildings reminiscent of the idyllic homes of America's 1960s. A number of broken and battered mannequins — dressed in equally disheveled clothing — appear throughout the scene, some quite close to the armored figure.

One such mannequin, dressed in a suit of dark grey, suddenly turns around very un-mannequin-like and lifts his gaze to the sky. "Temporal displacement," he murmurs aloud. Some sort of dimensional shift. At least vital-signs are in the green — heh. Green. HAHAHAHA!!"

He turns about and catches sight of the man in armor.

"I should run an analysis of the area; residual traces of exotic particles can cause entropic cascade failure if — oh!… Tony?"

Sue Richards is ghosting along overhead, traveling invisibly via force field. She's made this trek a few times already, but this is the first time she's seen lightning in the area. She stops and waits for the light show to pass, and after the retinal fatigue fades and she can see again, she notices shapes along the ground that also weren't there before. Strange.

Drifting closer, Sue then spots a small spot of light and movement nearby that draws her still closer. Curiosity. So glad she isn't a cat.

"Sir, it appears that someone else has arrived." JARVIS helpfully supplies inside the suit.

Of course, Tony was already turning at the show, the piece of metal still in his hand as he scans the newly arrived area. His first time seeing the event, of course. At least when he's not apart of it. He takes as much readings as he can impromptu, though not as thorough as he would like. Stepping closer, he tosses the metal aside for the moment to get an ID on the person. Banner? "Banner! Never thought I'd actually be happy to see you." The voice comes out, metallic, but definitely Tony. "How goes stress testing? By the way, we're on a different planet, now."

Oh, so helpful.

Banner takes a few steps in Tony's direction, exiting the displaced chunk of 'the town that time forgot' through what used to be the gate blocking off the main street. There's a sign on a post just outside; it reads: "Nuclear Springs, NV. Atomic Testing Facility. Population: 0" — except that it has been crossed out with green spraypaint to say: "Bannerville. Population: 1".

"That explains why my bio-sensors are so… confused — more than usual," he comments as he draws closer. "Morning, Fred," he says over his shoulder to the 'postman' mannequin as he walks by. Banner smirks a little warily at Stark. "Stress can be healthy. Ish. Looks like I brought a piece of home with me — just my luck; you think you're not in Kansas anymore… then suddenly you are. Well, Nevada at least." He tosses a glance at 'Bannerville' behind him. "Which planet?" he asks, itching his scalp.

Sue Richards is close enough to hear Dr. Banner ask which planet they're on, and is curious about what kind of answer he'll get. And, while she is invisible to normal human eyes, she's likely not accustomed enough to the Iron Man's AI to realize her force field is as much of a huge neon sign as, well, a huge neon sign. Again. Curiosity.

"Bannerville. Nice ring to it." Tony comments dryly. "A'reen'ah. Nothing familiar." As the horizon continues to darken and the sky twilights, the odd darkness comes over that there are absolutely no stars. Only two moons. "And no stars to try and local with, either." Which, in truth, irks Tony to no end.

"Sir, there is someone else nearby…" Though only heard within the helmet.

Briefly looking this way, then that, Iron Man looks straight on at Sue. "Hello there!" Yes, to Banner, he's talking to… air. No, he's not crazy. He's been tested. … A few times.

A chunk of what appears to be a town from the 1960s of America rests in a once-bare patch of ground in the Wastelands. It is bordered on two sided with an old, cyclone-wire fence, with the edges all twisted and frayed as if having been forcibly torn - or bitten - apart. It has seen better days. What was once a steel mesh gate spanning the main street is now a twisted, shapeless piece of debris - lying next to a playground populated with battered old mannequins of children and adults.

In the centre of the street stands a postman, and a stray dog fossicks around in the trash for some food scraps. A woman with only one arm is putting on make-up, and a small boy with only one leg is trying to kick a soccerball — all mannequins. All fake. Burnt-out and time-worn cars, bikes and buses sit dead in the street, outside houses equally lifeless. Only one house in the centre of the town appears habitable. A sign hangs on a post just outside the fence. It reads: "Nuclear Springs, NV. Population: O" except it has been crossed out with green spraypaint to read: "Bannerville. Population: 1" Two figures, Banner and Tony in his armor, talk just outside the fence. A third person, invisible, observes.

"Arena? What kind of name is — " Banner frowns at the other man, and then swivels on the ball of his foot to look… at an empty space just next to a mannequin of a woman with no arms. He glances back at Tony and arches an eyebrow while massages his left temple with two fingers.

"Uhh, Tony… They're… not real. I only talk to them, because… you know. Talking to myself is… nuts."

High above, Thor flies. Because, well, returning to where he had sat with his relic might be a good thing? In any case, the sudden sight of a TOWN where none had been before (had there been a town there and he just didn't notice? possible.) draws the Thunderer's attention. He angles downward, his descend slow and measured. No red billowing cape to herald him. No gleaming armor to boast for him. No hammer to weigh him down. Just a slightly silvered Thunderer with a sword on his back and very simple Asgard tunic and pants coming in for a gentle landing near by. Look! Mortals!

Sue Richards is startled by the Iron Man just turning and saying hello to her. Very very few people do that. She hesitates to drop her invisibility, but then mentally chastises herself. These two men are likely her best chance of getting home unless Reed somehow finds his way here.

So, just as Thor is approaching all subtle-like, Sue appears seemingly out of thin air next to and slightly above the armless mannequin. "Um, hi." She offers the two scientists a small wave.

"She's real." Iron Man points to the materializing woman. See? Just need Reed and the trio will be complete! and there will be enough brain power to rule the WORLD! "Yeah, I know, the name is weird," he says aloud. "But, it's what the locals have told me, anyway. I can't find any mention of it anywhere, but its impossible to locate where it is with no stars." Two moons and a Sun doesn't really give him anything to go with.

As Thor flies in, Iron Man turns his attention on the Asgardian. "Well, this just keeps getting interesting."

Tony blinks.

For a moment, a tiny glint of green flashes across his normally brown eyes, and he appears to stare at nothing. He blinks a second time, his lips pinched at the side in an expression of intrigue mixed with concern, and glances from Tony to Sue, then to Thor, and back to Sue again.

"BP 110/70…" he muses aloud. "Epinephrine levels in the gr — within acceptable parameters. Sue Richards?!" he blinks at the woman. A hand goes to his head, raking his fingers back from his brow through his unruly mop of greying hair, as he swivels again to better glance at Thor.

He breathes a little faster.

A little.

"I swear," he says to Thor with a glance at the chunk of 'Bannerville' off to his right, "This isn't my fault." His eyes find Tony's — well, Tony's faceplate. "I was working on a Catalyst Converter. Experiments in quantum mechanics and transdimenional shifts don't start until Tuesday. Wait. What day IS it?"

Booted feet touching down, Thor looks over the man, the metal golem, and the woman. The woman is familiar. Didn't he meet her not long ago? Not really certain, Thor just glances between the two mortals… three mortals. The metal golem is a mortal in armor! Intrigued, Thor turns his gaze upon Tony and just… looks at him as if he'd never seen the power armor before.

OH! He's being spoken to? Thor looks to Banner. The motion is slow, as if the Thunderer had a million years to stand here and just ponder through everything.

"Of course it is not, Mortal," says Thor, his voice rumbly deep but soft and controlled.

"It is the fault of those that brought you here." Because that explains everything!

Sue Richards turns and follows Tony's gaze toward Thor and watches his reactions. Of course, she's not familiar enough with the blond man to be able to gauge his reactions, so all she can do is offer him a wave hello as well, her force field moving her closer to standing on the ground like everyone else instead of hovering to be above eye level to even the Thunderer. And then she looks back at Dr. Banner again. "Yes, though I don't think we've officially meet before." She definitely knows him by reputation, at least.

While having not met Reed and Sue personally, in his history, Tony knows OF her, of course, just not… personally. Back to Banner, Tony comments incredulously, "You chose Nevada to run those experiments? Seriously?" Pause. "It would have been Sunday, I think? In my time?" Metal shoulders shrug, though the motion more noticeable than if he were not in his armor. "I don't think they really care much around here."

"By the way," The armored man turns back to Thor, "Who brought us here?" Though following the conversation back around, somewhat, he looks to Sue: "Your husband around by any chance?"

Banner's dark brown eyes peer at Sue for the moment. The man looks at Thor and Iron Man, lifting his right hand to massage his jaw whilst tapping a finger against his lips.

"Ooookay," he mouths deliberate emphasis, without actually speaking the word aloud. "A Sue Richards who doesn't recognise me… that's new. A bit hurtful too, but still new." His gaze shifts to the side. "A Thor without his hammer… that's… oddly comforting. Doesn't know me either, but that's not new." And finally he gives Tony his full attention, even twisting his torso to better face the Iron Man.

"And a Tony who does know me, and resorts to jibes within the first three-point-seven sentences. Still an ass." Banner sighs, and carefully massages his eyes with his forefinger and thumb.

"Some things change; some things stay the same." Lowering his hands, which he then starts involuntarily wringing together, the scientist concludes: "Displaced heroes from at least two different realities, all brought by 'something', or 'someone' to… this. And since none of us are dying from exotic-particle exposure, I'd say there's some serious reality-warping… awesomeness at work here. I leave anything out? — hey, where's the hammer?"

Thor's going to change his surname to ''Where's Mjolnir?''. His lips press together faintly at the question, but he asnwers it smoothly.

"She seeks to teach me something new, even in my old age," is Thor's response before he sets his mind to the rest of what Banner said.

….which makes very little sense to Thor. He looks to the only familiar face in the room, Sue!, for translation.

"Can you say that in aesir?" he asks. Because maybe it'll make more sense to him that way?

Sue Richards shakes her head no at Tony's question about Reed, and otherwise doesn't comment at Bruce's out loud ponderings. She has been polite enough to not ask about Mjolnir, but that's likely because she knows Thor as well as she knows Bruce. which is almost not at all. But when Thor asks her of all people to translate.

Sue returns an equally lost look to the Thunderer along with a shrug. She could try, but it would likely make things worse.

"I can one up you, Banner. Try a teenage Pepper. Jailbait." That should say EPITOMES of anything for anyone know knows Tony. Well. Both of them. A well adult Tony versus a teenage Pepper? That's a whole new level of hell for the playboy.

"He means, random people showing up on a planet that no one knows where it is with random things brought with them. Interesting. Big brains at work now." Yes, this to Thor.

"I'm working on getting a Satellite netw- ah crap." Iron Man looks back at Thor. "Your actually someone I needed to talk to. When I get my big shiny objects built, I need someone to deliver them into orbit."

Sue's shake of head draws no real answer from Tony. He looks at her, which is hard to mistake since the armor head moves, but he doesn't address the missing Reed.

Both of Banner's hands go to his head, massaging his temples — but his fingers reach for errant locks off hair, looking like he's about to pull handfuls of it out — as he listens to each person's answer in turn. Balls of his hands pressed into either side of his head, slightly bowed forward, he looks upward with his eyes directly at Stark.

"Teenaged Pepper… gods, Tony — " he shifts his attention briefly to Thor. "No offense," — then looks back again. "Tell me you're not… you know…" and he leaves the sentence hanging.

A pause.

A grunt.

Banner's gaze finds Sue's and his eyebrows steeple in the middle of his brow, in sympathy. "I'm sorry…" he mutters through teeth he does not realise he is clenching. "What I wouldn't give for a pair of red slippers," he grates morosely.

With Sue looking just as lost, Thor just nods. He's used to it by now, and so he doesn't really seem phased by it. Instead, he turns to Tony, watching the man lament about someone he doesn't know using terms he doesn't really understand. A grateful little smile plays upon his face when Tony acts as translator (Very! Someone whose speaking 'English'!), and Thor nods his head.

"I think I can assist with that, Metal Man," replies the Thunderer to Iron Man. Thor folds his arms over his chest comfortably.

"None taken," intones the Thunder God as Banner looks to him. There's a slight upward curve of his lips. Amusement dances in his eyes. But then Banner has to mention red slippers and so Thor's saying, "There is a seamstress in Sanctuary… perhaps she can-" ((Cue someone cutting Thor off))

Sue puts a gentle hand on Thor's arm to stop the tangential conversation. It's like she's used to doing stuff like that or something. "Actually, Nick and I were talking about satellites a week or so ago, kind of," Sue offers to Tony. "I could get them to orbit easily enough, but I'm not sure I would know what to do if something went wrong or I if didn't place it exactly correctly." She then looks at Bruce and offers him a faint smile in response to his apology. She's coping so far. Best not to dwell. Really.

And then, just to make this meeting even more bizarre… "Hey, toots!" Did the little drawstring pouch safety pinned to Sue's cardigan just… twitch? "You got /three/ dudes out there now?" Whatever is in the pouch is squirming about, and has a voice like a gremlin gargling glass. "Why the fuck was I the one gettin' scolded, huh? You're the one doin' a menage-a-whatever-the-fuck! It's not fair! I'm BORED! At least let me watch!"

Iron Man is a jerk, and yes, he is happy to test Banner's limits, but he is also watching him carefully too. "You think I'm that stupid? C'mon, man." The metal head shakes in disappointment. "Hey, are you going to go green?"

"Oh good, I'll tell my PA to cancel that meeting then. I'll let you know when they are ready, then." And yes, Tony is serious. At the mention of the Seamstress, Tony Interjects, "Well! I don't think he meant that literally. You know, he might moonlight, but, red isn't quite your color. Maybe green?"

"I could make it dummy proof, I just need them to get up there. Which, my suit can't do. And I'd rather you not go." Yeah, Reed wouldn't let him live it down if something happened to Sue. As that pouch starts talking, Tony raises his hand, the pulse side powering up. "Throw it up and I'll blast it." Target practice!

Bruce is somewhat distracted.

'Distracted' is something of an understatement.

With the heels of his hands pressed into either side of his skull, he doubles over — teeth grating like tectonic plates. The hue of his usually pale skin slowly deepens from the pink spectrum into something more resembling green, and the seams of his shirt and jacket slowly expand with the gradual increase in Banner's physique.

He groans.

Anger and frustration, right there.

He doesn't appear to notice that Sue's chest is… talking. Swearing, even.

That is when a round-ish, metallic floating object suddenly 'bobs' up into the air just above the only house in 'Bannerville' that looks habitable. The little 'bot turns about, revealing a transparent 'face' (complete with digitized eyes and eyebrows), that 'blinks' at Banner and the others, and suddenly zips through the air in the doctor's direction.

"Doctor Banner! Doctor Banner!" the little floating 'droid pipes in a shrill, static-infused voice as it stops beside him. "I feel compelled to report that I am detecting significant increases in your pulse, blood-pressure and testosterone levels. Protocol 1 dictates I inform SHIELD Director Hill immediately — "

Banner… ROARS.

The 'droid turns its 'face' to Thor, Tony and Sue. "Citizens, I must insist you vacate the immediate premises given the imminent threat of — "


A massive green fist pummels the droid into the ground — a fist belonging to a creature, green and… yes, angry.

The gentle touch to his arm does indeed prevent Thor from derailing the conversation. He happily follows along and just stays silent until the pouch speaks and Tony offers to use it as target practice. The confusion on his face disappears in an instant the moment Banner doubles over. And when the Hulk makes his debut, Thor steps to put himself directly between Not-Banner and Sue and Iron Man.

"I agree with the messenger relic this ogre did just destroy. It is best if you both left, forthwith," says the Thunderer. Somehow, this feels familiar.

"We are not your enemies…" Thor says, voice trailing off. How did the rest of that line go? Thor must try to think.

Sue Richards blinks at Tony when he offers to shoot the imp in the drawstring pouch, the hand that had been on Thor's arm out of habit moving to protect the little creature inside regardless of how annoying he is. "Uh, no, it's fine. Merc, shh!" There's a squeak from the imp then even more vitriol as Sue's tempt to hush him only makes him more annoying.

Then Sue looks dismayed when Bruce loses his hard-fought control, but unlike the others likely would expect, she doesn't back away. The roar finally gets the imp to yipe and go silent again, and she looks up at Thor. "Let me try. Please." Her plan, to approach the Hulk as a friend and try to talk him back to calmness. It'll work. Right?

The talking pouch is rather rapidly forgotten as Banner Hulkifies. Damn. "I wouldn't do that if I were you…" Though who or what he's really talking to is anyone's guess. Iron Man moves to stand next to Thor, shaking his head. "I'm not going anywhere. Sue? You should probably go." She can probably take a decent punishment, but even Tony's armor is subject to some debate against Hulk's strength.

"Banner… calm down, man." As Sue goes to try and approach the green thing, "Sue… back away…"

The green monstrosity wearing the shredded remains of a suit, and pounding at the ground with his fist — deeper, deeper, and deeper — doesn't bother to look up. The earth shakes, causing the fence surrounding part of Bannerville to rattle like a child's toy.

"HULK…" he grates through his teeth as chunks of rock, earth and metal go flying past him, nearly hitting the three people nearby.

"…BUSY!!!" he bellows into the lifeless bedrock. A small portion of the recording-bot's head sails out of the hole — on a collision course with Iron Man — but aside from that, the creature has yet to attack anyone near him. Thor's words of consolation go unheeded, and Hulk's comes dangerously close to clocking Sue in the side of the head.

He stops.

At his feet lies a gaping, jagged abyss in the ground about twice the width of his fist, and as deep as his arm is long. From deep inside the hole echoes a *sprroinnng!* sound, then all goes quiet. Hulk snorts through his nostrils at the hole, then glares balefully at Thor first, then Stark, then Sue. His features, contorted with rage, begin to slowly relax.

That's when a spout of water erupts from the hole, striking the immense monster up the nose.

Really, the Helicarrier isn't far away, so Natasha's response time is rather fast. Well, somewhat fast. She still has to land. Get there. All that fun jazz. Having been alerted, Fury sent Agent Romanoff to go investigate, but with urgency. Widow is -definitely- not looking forward to tangling with Big Green again. Not after what happened last time…

But in the sky, there is a glimmer of metal that quickly comes into view as a small transport, rapidly closing in on the area. The closer it gets, the easier the flow of the long crimson hair would be seen.

But, she's not there yet. On her way.

With the same arm Sue had touched to stay him, Thor reaches out to pluck Sue out of harm's way. He watches the monster, that green Mr. Hyde, pommeling the barren ground… Hulk's words cause the Thunderer's head to tilt and his blue eyes to go to Tony. The Metal Man doth seem to know the beast, perhaps he can gave some holy birdbowl was that water? Thor's gaze returns to the spout of water.. Sea water.

Sue Richards is raising her hands and preparing to step a bit closer when Thor's attempt to pull her out of harm's way only succeeds in causing a light blue shimmer to spread across her force field for a moment. But then when he speaks up she hesitates to move closer and waits to see what else he's going to do. The elbow that moves so close to her elicits only a small flinch. Don't forget, she's been very close friends with Ben Grimm for YEARS. She offers the Hulk a smile when he looks at her and starts to relax, then gasps and a force field pops into place to stop any more of the sea water from hitting the Big Guy. There's no way she could have anticipated that, so she probably got about a good second of water up the nose.

"Sue!" Tony is still worried about Miss Blonde that he didn't even pay attention to the piece thrown at his head. It strikes off the helmet and he slowly looks at the Hulk. He glances to Thor, before seeing the Hulk get a spout up the nose. HA! "Well, some things never change after all. I would get her out of here, he is about to get really… really angry."

Of course Sue is stubborn. And something else is incoming. What the hell? Iron Man fires his repulsors, lifting up and off the ground before flying off to the flank, firing a pulse shot aimed at the Hulk's shoulder. "Hey ugly! Come play over here!" Course, he's trying to get his attention away from the shiny thing that is trying to fly in and land. And away from Sue, if Thor can manage to steal her away to safety.

He's just trying to give people openings! Run while you can!

Between annoying bots, erupting salt-water springs, approaching government transports — and a really annoying ass in an armored suit — the jade juggernaut roars in brutish defiance at the multiverse in general, but instead chokes on a mouthful of the cold, vile liquid before Sue's forcefield cuts off the flow. Confused by what he sees, the beast turns from the shielded spout and SPITS that same mouthful of water at Stark. Then he raises an angry, flat-palmed hand in the air above him, just to the side of the 'plugged' spout, along one of the cracks in the ground. "HULK…

"…SPLASH!" he snarls as he slams his hand downward into the dead-earth of the Wastelands, causing more cracks to form around him further away, and more water to burst forth in random locations, beyond the limit of the forcefield —

— one small, but powerful geyser bursts upward just underneath the approaching transport. Hulk stops his little tantrum to watch the effects of his efforts; as yet, the only thing he has deliberately attacked is the SHIELD 'bot. And the ground. And the water. And Stark. But no people.

Stark isn't people.

Course, the Transport is trying to avoid any unnecessary accidents, but random geyser is a bitch. As it slams into the back quarter of the transport, it immediately sets to spinning and the red headed Assassin doesn't even get time to curse before she is flung from it like a ragdoll.

The transport itself spins and crashes into a firey ball of doom off in the wasteland beyond while Widow herself lands in the WORST possible place there could be. On Hulk's back. Her small arms cling around Hulk's neck to try and steady herself. Yeah… nice entrance. "Bruce… This isn't quite how I was hoping we would meet again, but… Forgive me."

With stuff blowing up and Sue not moving and Tony shooting at the Hulk, something clicks in thor's memory.

"Doctor Banner! Stand down, Banner, for we are allies," Thor calls out as he steps into Hulk's personal space. Yes, Hulk has personal space and Thor's stupid enough to invade it.

What? He might be old, but we never said he got any brighter.

Sue Richards startles as Hulk's repeated smashing (and splashing) causes more water to gush up out of the wasted ground. She floats up and back, finally getting clear of the Hulk the way that both Thor and Tony had been trying to do. As she moves, the force field she'd set to stop water from geysering up into the Hulk's face disappears. The transport exploding over yonder gets barely more than a glance, though now she's watching Thor closely and glancing at Tony and Natasha as if trying to figure when would be the best times to throw force fields to protect each of them.

When he's spit at, of course he gets wet. But the flying Iron Man doesn't move. "Thor.. I wouldn't do that if I were you…" Of course, when has Thor EVER listened to Tony? Never. Case and point.

But, with the all to familiar red head on Hulk's back, he can't fire at him anymore to try and get his attention. Damn it. For now, he has to hang back and strategize… this could get ugly real fast.

There is a moment — just a moment — when the sound of Thor's voice draws the Hulk's attention, and the creature fixes him with a glance that borders on recognition. He blinks his large, green eyes at the God of Thunder, his chest heaving with pent-up rage in need of an outlet, and opens his mouth to say a word —

— when Natasha lands like the spider for which she is named on his back. Hulk bellows in alarm, not recognising the Black Widow's voice (not at first, anyway), and reacts thusly: he spins on the spot — a pirouetting behemoth — swinging a punch at Thor while at the same time throwing Natasha forcefully from his back… and into the knee-deep 'lake' of salt-water that is forming like a moat around the outside of the Nuclear Test Site lovingly named after the Hulk's alter-ego.

Then he sees Natasha:

The woman, the comrade — the friend — he just threw like a ragdoll across a child's nursery. Hulk reaches forward with a hand as if to try and catch her (in vain), and completely forgets about Sue, Tony and Thor — and the punch he just swung at the latter of the three.

"Nat-ty…" the bestial monster murmurs, the horror in his eyes restoring some humanity to his countenance. The color of his skin shifts subtily…

Thor gets Hulk punched through a car, part of a building, to land in a disorganized heap by the Bannerville sign. And Thor hisses as the blade on his back digs in. He runs to his stomach, working to 'catch his breath. Even if he doens't breathe.

Don't thnk about that too hard. It'll make your brain bleed.

No, my brain has never bled from this.

I avoid thinking about it too hard.

Sue Richards gasps when Natasha thrown off of Hulk's back, her own hand flying toward the redhead in what resembles visual symmetry with Big Green. However, her gesture has a result. The blue shimmer of a force field appears behind the SHIELD agent, though Sue isn't able to plan quickly enough to use the force field to slow the momentum of the throw. She migth have actually just done more harm than good.

"Bruce.." Natasha tries to start before he is spinning around like a very, hulky, ballerina. "W-wait!" And then she goes flying. The agile, graceful, and very deadly spider, flying through the air like a hapless ragdoll.

She tries twisting her body mid-air in some weak attempt at a better landing, but with the force of the throw there really isn't much helping it. She slams into the shield with a hard thud before rolling down to the ground, groaning. She's definitely going to be feeling that in the morning.

The flying Thor barely registers as she rolls painfully to try and see the hulk through disoriented eyes. "Bruce.."


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