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OOC Date: — November 26, 2013
IC Date: — November 26
Characters: — Nick Fury, Thor and Loki

— Helicarrier in the air over the Wastelands
— In the air


The night sky is usually devoid of lights, of stars in the firmament but for the two moons. Each flicker of light, then, has a meaning. A reference.

A reason.

Loki is out and about in the evening, though more fulfilling a promise than causing any trouble. (Not that it doesn't happen naturally along the way, but… in support of his more peaceful reason for going out at night, he's enlisted the company of his brother.) After all, Thor had said that Loki wasn't to leave Bilskinir without either guards or Thor.

Thor it is.

Now, Loki is actually on horseback. When in Rome.. er.. Asgard.. er.. wherever, do as they do. To a point. He's not too bad at it, to say the least, and their wanderings for those herbs of Mother Eir's may very well yet be found somewhere a little more exotic. The rainforest?

Not as if Loki's not armed.

It's then, as they make a clearing that the light in the sky seems to hang. Staring at the newly … arrived bit of light, Loki's voice drops, "Brother, what would you say if I told you that I wish to run this horse across the land to discover that," and here, he points a hand into the darkness towards the dot in the sky, "which just streaked across the sky?"


Thor looks up at the light, on a horse of his own, head tilting. The one-eyed Thunderer, with only the tiniest dusting of frost to his hair and full beard, considered the question, the light, the horses, then dismounts.

"I would say that I would rather fly. You still can, can't you, brother?" replies Thor, never taking his eyes from the light. He means to tether the horses… or maybe send them back to the city.


The ground doesn't change much. It was one piece of desert. Now it's a different piece of desert. A couple more saguaros. Slightly fewer thornbushes. It's what's above it in the sky that changes…and the angle is all wrong. On the bridge, the helmsman battles to get the Helicarrier back to level flight. Throughout the great vessel, paperwork flies off of desks, planes strain against their tethers and people grab the nearest object…or fall on their butt. Sickbay will be treating a bevy of minor injuries.

And as the craft starts to level out, the sliding doors to Fury's office open…and the man himself steps out, towering, dark, striding towards the bridge. He seems quite comfortable despite the odd angle, but once he gets there he waits until things are back under control before barking, softly, "Report." The nice, polite way of saying 'What the &*(&*&*( just happened?'


Reining his horse when Thor does, Loki waits as his brother dismounts before he drops his reins. "Really." Sigh. He's not quite as good at it as his brother; it takes a little more stamina in order to deal with the TK. Well, belay that. He's not as -fast- as his brother.

In a single, fluid motion, Loki dismounts, and once on the ground, shifts his coat slightly, setting his sword upon his hip at a more comfortable angle. "Alright, Thor. We'll do this your way. This time. There and back before anyone realizes were gone, right?" Anyone, of cousre, translates out to 'Sif' in Loki's world. For the moment, anyway. He's not all that worried about the horses. They'll find their way back. It's what horses do.

Waiting for his brother, Loki slowly rises, his arms outstretched as if trying something that he simply hasn't done in so very long. Throwing his head back, Loki laughs. Loudly. "I am ready."


"You are melodramatic," Thor quips with a smirk and a glance at Loki. He too leaves the horses as they are, the Odinsword strapped to his back as he lifts himself from the ground and moves at a pace he's certain his brother can maintain without issues.

"Besides. You are with me, are you not?" adds the elder brother, eye turning back to the arrival.


Steady. The Helicarrier is now level, albeit closer to the ground than Fury would like. Rather than crowding the helmsman…a young blonde woman who's hands are now sweating, he waits for the requested report. He doesn't have to wait long.

"Atmospheric disturbance, sir. Wait…no…"

"Talk to me." Almost gentle tones now, Nick can feel the panic starting. Something's badly wrong here.

"There are no stars, sir. And the air is perfectly clear."

His lips quirk. "No stars. Let's see about that. Hold her steady and give us some altitude. I'll be upstairs." He wants to see this with his own eyes.


"I'm not melodramatic. I'm being practical. Reasonable, even. And if you expect me to answer 'You are with me, are you not?' with 'What could go wrong?'…" though the moment Thor takes flight, Loki works to keep up. It's silently appreciated, but never spoken, that the pace set is one that he can handle without too much issue. "Because with you, a myriad of things -could- and usually do go wrong. Take the time we—"

"Well, hallo." From their vantage point in the sky, things look very different from the ground. Particulary as distance is taken in a matter of heartbeats. The light seems to be hovering now, and Lokin peers as they get a little closer.

"Thor," and here, just to be sure, he's asking his brother for clarification? "Is that…" He's seen it before, was prisoner in it once before. Oooooh, ho. If it is what he thinks? Things just got a liiiiittle more interesting!


Thor gifts Loki with a faint half grin before his eye focuses on the helicarrier. Why… why is that shape so familiar? It's frustrating that he can't grasp those eons old memories clearly anymore, no matter how they tug upon his mind.

"I am not altogethere certain what that flying fortess is, brother. It does not appear Asgardian," replies Thor, drifting toward the SHIELD helicarrier. On a direct intercept course, moving boldly to settle upon the flight deck.

Unless the mortals seek to open fire before he can get there, that is.


Nick Fury steps out onto the flight deck. They're right. No stars. Two moons. "Brilliant," he murmurs, his voice completely hidden amongst the roar of the turbines. They've been shanghaied. The entire Helicarrier. Not one of the subsidiary ones, but the main one. Shanghaied. It's sadly not the first time. The incoming humanoid figures elicit a raised hand. "Hold your fire." They're probably the perpetrators, but he knows better than to shoot at flying supers. Even with S.H.I.E.L.D. weaponry. Not without knowing who they are. He strides further onto the deck.


Loki looks at his brother with keen curiosity appearing on his face. It's been a long time, yes. Hundreds of years, perhaps? But that.. he can -feel- the anger that raged within him the last time he was there. Held by their pathetic systems, them believing they could hold a god imprisoned? He… keeps his mouth shut as to the provenance. Let Thor be reminded, or not.

Slowing, Loki comes in beside his brother, landing upon the flight deck with him, and doesn't he look PLEASED. Smug. His tones turn sarcastic even as he watches for those soldiers that he knows will be forthcoming.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Should I have asked, 'Permission to come aboard?' first? Shame." Looking around, Loki takes a step forward, that smile clinging to his face, "Where are you— ah.. there you are."

The younger Prince of Asgard takes a step towards Fury now, that shit-eating grin never departing his face. "What a surprise. I won't say pleasant, but.. that's not really the truth. It is something of a pleasure to see you. Here. Now."


Thor comes in for a landing next to Loki. his feet fall slightly heavier than Loki's, and the brillant red cape is missing. As is the hammer, Mjolnir. And the armor. Infact, juat about anything that would make the THunderer easiler recognizeable at a glance is simply not there. Instead of the scale mail armor, Thor is wearing a simple white tunic, belted at the hips over a pair of black leather pants. His frosted blonde hair is tied back in a rather sloppy ponytail at the nape of his neck. And a black eye patch covers one eye.

"You know this mortal, Loki?" asks Thor, voice just as rumbly and thunderous as ever.


"Thor." The Helicarrier is not *quite* identical to the one Loki was held prisoner on. The man in front of him, though, is all but identical. Then he glances at. "Loki. The two of you together indicates something serious is going on." Because that's one hammer that isn't buried very often. The few people on the flight deck are giving this little head to head a suitably wide berth, at least. Fury…doesn't seem too intimidated by the gods. More so by the fact that they're together and having a civil conversation.


Twisting to look over his shoulder, the smug smile playing, Loki offers an "Oh, yes, brother. Director Fury. Of SHIELD." The last word sounds a sneer. Some hammers are buried, but others?

Loki turns about again, and a hand rises to rest upon the hilt of his own sword. (No hint of blue anywhere, though!) "Something very serious is going on, Director," that word is carefully enunciated, before he continues, his tones turning almost … singsong. "And it intrigues me that you are here now. Like.. a gift." Looking up skyward briefly, theatrically, he spins around again and stalks back to Thor.



"SHILED… The name does seem oddly familiar," rumbles Thor softly, regarding Fury as one might regard a particularly interesting ant. When the mortal seems to know him, Thor seems even more intrigued, but allows his brother to speak.


"I see you have not changed." This isn't the Loki he's butted heads with in the past, but he's not aware of that. Then his attention turns to Thor. "And you do not know who I am?" Nothing dangerous in his tone; just pure curiosity. Something *very* serious is going on. Loki wouldn't mind control Thor to forget him, but maybe not to like him. Yes, that would be more in his style.


It actually would be hard to control his brother via mind control. It's just a whole lot easier to convince his brother of his cause by offering it 'just so'. In useful, easy bite-sized pieces… er… Thor-sized pieces. Follow it with some mead, and voila!

But, this isn't the case.

Loki looks at his brother for a long moment, and there's something there that lingers. Concern? It's fleeting, of course, and his back is turned to Fury. It's when he turns about once again that that /look/ is on the God of Chaos' face. The 'there is this boot that will be stepping on ants soon' expression of which Fury is undoubtedly familiar. "You know, you're the second person who's noticed that of me. The first is my nursemaid." Okay, Healer of Asgard that's older than dirt, but she's still got that position, apparently.

"Now, Director. Now is the time before you put, as you so colloquially say, 'put boots on the ground', that you'll have to make a decision. There are forces here that brought you. Sadly, it was not me. I wish to make them pay, bring the battle to them, and defeat them." And, well, take over the Realm. "There are times when one is force to make alliances with their enemies."

Until such time, of course, that their true allies are numerous enough that a proper bit of betrayal is in order.


Thor regards Fury thoughtfully, half listening to his brother inform Fury of the lay of the land, as it were. Whatever tensions are there, Thor is either oblivous or proposefully ignoring them.

"You are mildly familiar to me, Mortal. But it seems you are better acquainted with my brother. May I ask how?" Because Oblivious Thor is Oblivious.


"I thought it wasn't. Thor is not…stupid." Not, per his file, the *brightest* super out there, but certainly not stupid. He turns towards Thor. "He seems better acquainted with me than I am with him, actually. And you seem worse." His lips quirk. "Time travel, perhaps? Given I would be very surprised if we are still on Earth." A Thor who hasn't met him yet and a Loki who's had more run-ins makes a certain amount of…sense.


Loki steps forward to Fury, very close to getting in his personal space. "My brother is having a little issue with his memory. It will come in the fullness of time. As for me, I'm very much acquainted with you, though.." and here, the Prince of Asgard looks briefly distracted, if only by the fleeting glimpse of it, and it's gone.

"I believe, then, that this you was pulled from your 'time' before all was made clear. As for us, we are at least a thousand years in what will be your future."

Ragnarok. Damned Thor.

"We are not on Midgard, no. It no longer exists. The end came with a whimper." There, the consummate actor that is Loki grins broadly, "And it was glorious."

Now, however, he should answer Thor, and Loki takes a step back, casting over his shoulder, "He and I did not see eye to eye on a few things that had to do with Midgard. He was under the impression that he needed to save his world from me."

How ironic that it was Thor that ultimately destroyed it.


Thor ahs, as Loki seems to explain it all. Because whatever it was that Fury was saying just wasn't parcing for the Thunderer. Thusly relieved, Thor smiles kindly at Fury, as one would to a child.

"I am from a time in which Midgard's sun was near to death, and it was Asgardian sorcery that kept it's heart beating," Thor begins, only for his eye to darken and fill with sorrow. Yes, very ironic.


Nick Fury ahs. "Well, when I get back I will have to see what I can do to make sure that future is *many* thousands of years." He's got no illusions about the world *never* ending, but putting it off as long as possible happens to be his job. "For now, though…Loki, I don't trust you, but you already know that." Does Loki trust Loki? Probably not. "Far, far, then, in the future from my time. But we did know each other." He's just a man…and infinity formula or no, he doesn't expect to be around *that* long.


"Don't bother, Director. You won't be able to stop it." Those words are offered flatly, matter of factly. There's no grandstanding, nothing couched in those words. Just truth as an Asgardian sees it.

Take that as one will.

Though, as Fury continues, there's a smile that creeps across Loki's face once again. "Yes, yes. You don't trust me." He sounds so very tired of hearing that, theatrically long-suffering. Of course, no truer words are ever spoken by anyone. His expression hardens, and his tones lower to an almost hiss, "You will need to find it in yourself to trust something, Director. Because down there is a world that is unknown in the Nine Realms. Thor is getting his bearings. I travel the city day and night."

Loki finally turns completely about and takes a couple of steps back towards where Thor is standing. In the next second, instead of Loki standing there, it's another perfect copy of Nick Fury, right down to the eyepatch.

"Alpha Squadron!" he calls out.. because -everyone- has to have an Alpha Squadron, right?


Thor frowns as Fury states that he doesn't trust Loki. Clearly in Thor's book, everyone should trust Loki. He's just an awesome trustworthy kinda Trickster, ya know? The frown holds until Loki shifts into Fury. At which point Thor can't suppress the grin and the chuckle. His arms folds neatly over his chest. Amused Thor is Amused!


"Belay that," the real Fury snaps, more amused than annoyed. "You don't do anything to gain trust with such games." There's a flurry of people on the deck, pilots and mechanics all peering, trying to work out which Fury is the real one. Hard to tell. Loki is very good at this. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to see what my people can work out about this strange place. Perhaps we can even uncover something you have not." Asgardians have incredible technology. And blind spots. And one-eyed leaders, which they at least have in common with SHIELD.


Loki walks forward, and in the next step, turns into the lithe, wiry, second in command Maria Hill. "I trust you'll keep us in the loop, Director?" The smile that comes, however, isn't one that has ever graced the SHIELD XOs face, and a half a heartbeat later, it's Loki that stands there again, in green and gold leather.

"Good luck with that. And, by the way, you can find me," beat, "Us in Sanctuary. We're the ones living in the palace." He can't help it. He simply can't.

Pointing down, the Asgardian so helpfully supplies, "That's not Sanctuary."

Now, it may be time to go. "Brother? Shall we go?" There are times when it's like having one of those 'special' siblings and movies are no longer simply a quarter, nor do they show reels all day. "I think we discovered what we came for." And Loki wants the helicarrier.

Oh. Yes.


"Of course, brother," Thor agrees amiably. His arms unfold and he turns from the Director without a further word and walks with Loki toward the edge of the helicarrier, and once there, the Thunderer simply steps off hte edge and moves to fly away - of course, still moving at his brother's pace.

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