Catching Up

OOC Date: January 23, 2014
IC Date: January 23rd
Characters: Loki & Morgan le Fay

Loki's Chambers - Eldred Castle - A'reen'ah
Loki's main chambers are a study in simple elegance. Gold gilded furniture with green accompanyment, it looks as regal as any would wish while remaining comfortable. The bed is Asgardian in nature, built by the best furniture makers. Rich design carved into the wood with stories of old hinted at in the decor. Upon the frame, rich fabrics of green, black and gold adorn the bed, with lush pillows.

About the room is scattered, chairs, lounges, tables, an intricately carved wardrobe, a fireplace against a wall, and shelves with all manner of items. Bottles, glasses, vases, books… lotions, potions and notions. Tapestries and rich paintings adorn the walls in every available space not already taken with utility. Upon the floor, rugs of pelts of animals long lost to myth and legend. Tucked away in a corner is a 'form' meant to hang armour and weapons when not in use. For the time being, it is empty.

Late in the evening, after the meal has been had, Morgan can be found in Loki's chambers. It's where she's taken to sleeping and retreating to while Loki has been away doing… Whatever it is Loki does. She's laid the ground work with Savith, which is somewhat exhausting in a way, and has been tending to things here as much as possible. There's the small issue of Jackie…

Currently, she sits in front of the fire in the God's chambers, curled up in a long green lounging gown that's tied at the waist with a gold sash. In one hand, she has a glass of red wine and in the other, a book on elves from Loki's library.

It's true, that 'whatever it is that Loki does' isn't always apparent immediately, and that is exactly how Loki likes it. His comings and goings are unannounced and sometimes unknown by even his staff.

Once again the Lord and King of Eldred returns to his keep, and mounting the stairs, there's a whistle in the air. He's wearing his green and gold leather, but when the portal to his chambers open before him, his form shimmers to reveal something a little more casual- green tunic with golden embroidered Norse pictures, black leather pants. With a flick of his wrist, the door shuts behind him with the aid of telekenesis without his having to break stride. To see Morgan at the fire, his path shifts slightly from the repast set upon his table to the fireplace where she lounges.

"Interesting reading, my Lady?"

Morgan lifts her head, smokey green eyes settling upon Loki. And she smiles. "Loki…" The book is shut and set aside. She stands in a fluid motion and the sorceress, who is normally so controlled, says nothing as she reaches up to wrap her arms around the God and embrace him tightly. She had missed him.

After a moment, she nods her head. "Aye. It has aided me a fair bit in my work with Savith. He's not quite like any elf in that book but close enough that some basic things apply all the same." Has she released him yet? Nope.

Loki can -feel- her emotions in the hug. Wrapping his arms around her in return, he gives her a quick kiss on the cheek, though that does linger for a long moment before he loosens his hold. He'd missed her as well, though didn't allow himself to do so while away.

A smile creeps across his face and he inclines his head. "Sadly, no one book has all the information. I would that it did, but unless I wrote it myself?" Loki shakes his head, and taking a step back, he keeps hold of her hand. "I'm glad it's aiding you. Tell me what success and failures you've had with him."

Women are, sometimes, emotional beings. Morgan keeps a tight control on hers. Perhaps more so than even Sif. Even still, she has her moments. Her fingers lace with his and she chuckles softly. "Failure… Isn't possible with him…"

She pauses in what she's saying, stepping towards him and pressing a deep kiss to his lips. "Welcome home."

Stepping back, she turns towards where food and drink sit for him, clearly intent on serving him for the evening. "His mind readily supplies all I need to know to keep him bound to me without him realizing it."

She gives a shake of her head, chuckling. "It's amazingly simple. He believes me to be a woman from his world named Winnowill. His Lord. The one who ruled after her lifemate, Voll, died. Which he believes you to be. Both were able to shift forms… He believes we keep these 'guises' for a reason."

There are some who would look down on women simply because of that emotional aspect, but Loki has a great respect for women. He knows they can ba as cunning, as wily, as .. warrior-heart laden as any man. But they have the added advantage that others look upon them as 'weaker'. The Asgardian Prince's contempt is the same for man or woman.

But never for this lady before him.

Loki responds to the kiss, and there's that moment where he simply doesn't want to break it, but there will be time later for such pasttimes. (He's not like his brother!)

Following her steps, Loki slows at her words. "Does he share such things with Sif?" Something like that, wouldn't he? After all, there's the 'loyalty' after a thousand years and the like?

Morgan pours Loki a tankard of mead, looking over her shoulder for a moment. "He will share that his Lord has returned. That he has been called and must leave her service should his Lord wish it."

Turning, the mead is held out to him and only once it's taken, does she turn back to prepare a plate. "The illusion of his Lord Winnowill and Lord Voll are… Simple." She waves a hand, bringing up the images of what she has seen in the elf's head. "Mix it with our own personal looks and he believes we are them but younger… He responds well to Winnowill… Loves her deeply.. And it highly addicted to her own personal bran of pleasure and pain. He's… More than a bit of a masochist, really. He's also a bit of a sadist with a very dark streak in him."

Pulled from a mind, Loki can imagine that the rest of it would be easy. Only, he isn't capable of doing such, though he can capitalize upon it. This is why the pair work so well. "We wish him to remain…" he begins slowly, consideringly. "I want him there for a little while longer until I can take Crossroads from that imp-fool. Then, we'll be ready to begin to oppose Sif. She's been there for some time and has some strength because of it. I need more in my army before I'm willing to move against her." And Thor. "Might against might, they understand."

Loki takes the tankard and raises it briefly before the first swallows. "You are so very perceptive, Morgan," he whispers now. "They don't watch for such moves."

With a smile, the plate is held out to him. "He has been instructed to finish making her guards proper huntsmen, by his elven standards, so he will be there a while yet. He can manipulate rock as well. Winnowill had actually locked it away… I returned it to him. An… Olive branch, if you will. There are, of course, backdoor's in place for us should this all need to be undone in a moment's notice. The feel of our mind in his, however, is tightly masked. He fully believes he feels Winnowill when I speak to him. Just as he'll believe you're Voll. No one will ever be able to convince him otherwise."

Making her way over to Loki, she leans up to press a kiss to his jaw. "He is yours to command, my love. I shall leave him with Sif for now… Watch through his eyes… He dare not deny me access to his mind."

"Really." Loki chuckles as he takes the plate offered, both hands now occupied, the expression reaching his eyes. This is a pleased Asgardian."Perfect. Absolutely…" Shaking his head, a soft laugh sounds again, "You," and he leans in for another brief kiss, "are remarkable among women."

A soft rumble sounds at the kiss given him, and he walks slowly and deliberately back towards the fire. "Join me and we'll speak of victories together."

The compliment causes Morgan to smile but more importantly… he seems genuinely happy. A rare thing for the God. The kiss is returned and he actually manages to draw a soft sound of protest from her when it ends. "Thank you. I would have to be in order to draw your attention."

Without hesitation, she follows him to the fire and actually settles herself at his feet, letting her head rest against his leg. "You were able to accomplish what you set out to do then?" She doesn't ask what it was. She'll be told if he can give her the information. She's learned this.

It's true. Loki's pleased smile is a rarity. That moment when all is right with the world and there isn't something sitting as a shadow just beyond. It's also fleeting, as she may be so well aware. Thoughts intrude, machinations, and darkness descends caught up in the maelstrom that is the God of Chaos' mind.

"I did," and those words bring a soft grumble. "The illusions are dropped in Crossroads, and that pathetic want-to-be lord seems to believe that he can swing in and take the city." And his works begins. "Attention needs to be focussed at our gates, it appears."

She knew the smile wouldn't last long, yes but that it was there at all pleases Morgan.

When he begins to speak of where he went and what he had been doing… She moves. Her body settles on her knees, still at his feet, and she reaches for a grape. With a playful sort of smile, she actually takes a moment to peel the small piece of fruit before she holds it to his lips.

"Then we shift our focus. Savith is well enough in hand he takes very little conscious attention on my part now. We can focus on setting things right here. I had heard rumors of the man who thinks he can settle in and rule the city… I will see what information can be gathered on him. There's a weakness to all mortal men." And most immortal.

"I would imagine his would be his power or his demoness. Perhaps both."

Loki settles his plate to the side, his mead still in hand, seated. He's so very aware of her at his knee, and there's a decided comfort to it. The peeling of the grape, therefore, does gain a fleeting grin, playful in the face of her own expression. Taking it, he runs his free hand to cup her cheek, his touch lingering even as he talks business.

"Always a weakness. Trick is to— hello.. his what?" Demoness? "Really. Power is a weakness, certainly. But demoness?" Loki quirks his head, and those blue eyes seem to look past her into that middle distance of consideration. "I wonder," is whispered. "If it is a demoness I'm .. familiar with, her very nature is a weakness of his."

Of course there's a comfort to it. To have a being as powerful as Morgan willingly kneel at your feet? Likely a bit of a rush as well.

Her eyes hood, ever so slightly, at the caress. Head lightly tilting into his hand. It's natural seeming… This intimacy that comes so easily as the discuss their next step.

Smokey green eyes fill with a bit of confusion at his reaction. "I have not been able to hear word of her name. Only that she seems to cause quite the…stir… wherever she goes. Rumors are, she's almost impossible to resist." She smirks. "And he's very protective of her."

When one is raised a prince, venerated as a god and is virtually immortal, why -wouldn't- she be at his knee? But, the comfort is at the knowledge of those things shared; a certain domesticity where he knows that his home is his castle and his castle, his home. (For a man who has, off and on, felt that he's had no home, it's a BIG deal.)

A thumb caresses her cheek, and when that puzzled tone sounds, Loki looks down at her, ready to offer some explanation. "I only know of one demoness, and that is Satana. A succubus. One who feeds upon mortal souls, sometimes in manners quite pleasing to the victim." Is that a ghost of a smile there? "And if he is very protective of her, then he believes himself her superior.. and that is a tricky position with a woman like Satana. It's a delicate dance."

The subtle undertones and those words… his smile… emotions… Where it would cause most other women to fly into a fit of jealousy, Morgan seems… Amused. Intrigued. "A previous lover then? You speak from expierence, do you, my love?" There's not a hint of jealousy in her. It's as if she's quite certain of her place at Loki's side. His affection for her. The bond they've formed. "This will make things much easier."

"Hmmm?" Loki's expression softens in the face of the questions, and he nods slowly "Yes, she was. When she found me here, I was in the body of a young street urchin. We discovered my brother, and the rest?" The Asgardian shrugs lightly. "It was a quiet parting of the ways." At least on his end.

Morgan should have no worries as to who stands at Loki's side. There's affection, there's comfort, and in her, he's found the strength of a queen. Someone of whom his mother would no doubt approve.

"Yes, it will. There is a side, then, of which I am quite familiar. She's not the target, however. So it comes down to whether or not she feels the same protectiveness towards him, and in what circumstances."

Morgan nods her head, accepting it all without blinking or flinching. "Must have been a trying time for you." She reaches up to caress his cheek. "If she held any affection for you… It could easily be played off of. In a variety of ways in necessary." This causes Morgan to smile.

To her free hand, she summons a glass of wine which is brought to her lips and sip taken. "You say the man controls imps… Is this all he does?" Obviously, Morgan hasn't encountered Jackie yet.

"She aided my return." His reincarnation. A god that never truly dies.

Loki turns his head, taking a light hold of her hand in order to lay a light kiss in the palm. "And she can be reasoned with. If she sees the path of power is clearer on my side, turning may be easy. And in turn, she could convince him." But that would be too easy, and he knows it.

"I truly don't know what else it is he does. But the amount of imps does cause some disquiet. Infernal beasts that could come from Hel itself." Loki gives a fleeting ghosting of a smile before he sits back, offering a spot beside him. "It's something I'll discover in short order, however. I've discovered that most like to brag about what it is they can do when feeling threatened."

Morgan nods. "Then she as my gratitude."

There's no stopping the smile that curves her lips as she has her hand kissed by the God. "It is worth a shot." She doesn't expect it to work either, honestly. She doesn't believe for a moment that the would-be-Lord and his demoness aren't aware of Loki's presence.

She settles in beside him when the space is offered and actually allows herself a very feminine moment to rest her head on his shoulder. Her whisper, so very faint, sounds none the less. "I missed you."

And then she nods. "I will see what I can find out as well. Perhaps use Allie And Savith."

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