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Fullname: Kara Zor'El

Codename: Supergirl

Age: 21

Alignment: Hero

Race: Kryptonian

Type: Feature

Comic Source: DC

Continuity: Elseworld's Finest

Character Magnitude: Regional

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Super Strength | Global | Skilled | Racial | Self
Kara's strength is the stuff of legends. Under a yellow sun, her strength is exponentially stronger than an average human female. She can lift tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of tons. She can perform feats such as lifting fully loaded super-freighter ships, hold up bridges and skyscrapers, and even change the course of gigantic asteroids. She's trained herself to use her strength carefully, so there's no accidents of hitting mortals too hard when stopping common robbers.

Super Endurance | Global | Mastery | Racial | Self
Supergirl's endurance is also enhanced by yellow solar radiation. She can hold her breath for hours on end and survive in the depths of space unaided by protective measures. Vacuum, cold, heat, pressure, and radiation extremes of environment have no effect on her. She also heals much faster and is able to heal serious burns and lacerations with a few hours of exposure to yellow sun radiation. Finally, she is completely immune to all organic, non-engineered toxins, poisons, and viruses; for a toxin or pathogen to affect her, it needs to be engineered specifically for her physiology or be a technological organism.

Super Durability | Global | Mastery | Racial | Self
Kara's body has a higher density than an average human's. Additionally, her body is reinforced from yellow solar radiation. Kara can withstand direct hits from high explosive artillery shells and suffer only minor bruises and lacerations. Conventional weaponry just bounces off her harmlessly. High-energy attacks like lasers and plasma can hurt her, but it takes massed attacks to incapacitate her in that way.

Super Speed | Global | Studied | Racial | Self
Supergirl is able to move at tremendous speeds on foot. She can easily crack the sound barrier while running and can perform such stunts as running on water or up vertical surfaces. Usually, she doesn't bother with running since flight is so much faster for her. However, she can combine her super-speed with other abilities to create power stunts; like spinning fast enough to drill a hole through solid rock with her feet or hands, or flying in a circle fast enough to create an artificial tornado or waterspout. She can also perform common tasks at super-speed and do things like paint an average house in a minute, read books in a matter of seconds, or build a house in a few minutes.

Flight | Global | Skilled | Racial | Self
Kara's only real limit to her flight speed is the environmental damage she can cause going several times over the speed of sound in an atmosphere. She is capable of flying from Earth to the Moon in about 15 minutes, or can be anywhere on Earth within a minute using orbital trajectories. Normally, she keeps her atmospheric flying sub sonic in cities to prevent a sonic boom from shattering glass.

Heat Vision | National | Skilled | Racial | Proximity: 50 yards
Supergirl's eyes can emit focused rays of heat energy strong enough to melt and weld super tough alloys like titanium/carbon steel alloys and can melt solid rock. Normally, she uses this power to effect repairs on metal structures, but against unliving or opponents as tough as she is, she'll use her Heat Vision as a potent weapon.

Super-Breath | National | Skilled | Racial | Proximity: 50 yards
Kara can exhale with her super-strong lungs to create a variety of wind and cold effects. She can blow out fires about a square block in volume. She can create gale force winds that can move trucks and trailers along a path as wide as a city street. Finally, she can encase a foe in ice to immobilize them or at least slow them down.

Perfect Memory | Global | Mastery | Racial | Self
Part of her Kryptonian physiology, Supergirl has a perfect edactic memory, recalling with perfect clarity images or words she may have seen dozens of years ago. Whatever she reads, she will remember, giving her a tremendous learning advantage in adjusting to new cultures.

Super Senses | Global |Mastery | Racial | Sensory
Kara's vision and hearing are superhumanly acute, allowing her to see or hear things from dozens of miles away. She can see the surface of a nearby planetary body unaided or focus her vision to where she can see activity on the nanometer scale. She can also hear ultra-sonic and subsonic frequencies, allowing her to directly hear radio transmissions. Kara can also shift her vision spectrum to allow her to see through any material except for lead. She can also selectively remove layers with her x-ray vision, allowing her to see hidden weapons or any internal damage a person might be suffering from.


Artist | National | Mastery
Rather than science, Kara was always interested in Kryptonian art. She practiced her craft under the guiding eye of her mother, one of Krypton's premiere artists, and became well-recognized as a talented artist in Argo City's final days. Once on Earth, Kara studied human art forms as well, practicing them extensively in her spare time. Her preferred forms are painting and sculpting, although Kara also does every other art-style from sketching to abstract watercolors to impressionist and pointillism.

Fighting |National |Mastery
Supergirl was adopted by Wonder Woman shortly after her arrival on Earth, and had lived on Themyscira for several years. It was on Paradise Island that kara learned to control her strength, and also how to fight. She's an accomplished fighter, as skilled as most Amazons in wrestling, swordplay, archery, and the spear and staff. While she's not as skilled as Wonder Woman, Supergirl is the equal to most any dedicated martial artist, although still not as skilled as people like Batman or Iron Fist.

Tactics | National | Skilled
Along with fighting skills, Wonder Woman taught Supergirl military and small unit tactics. Kara has the accumulated martial wisdom of the Amazons to draw on and is the equal to any talented military leader of a national army.

Leadership |Regional | Skilled
Supergirl has been groomed by Wonder Woman to take over the leadership of the JSA at some future point. Diana herself was a good role-model as a leader, and Kara learned how to earn the respect of those she was in charge of. She never asks of anyone what she would not do herself, and she tailors missions according to the available talents of each member of the JSA, giving others the chance to showcase their abilities.

History | National | Mastery
With her super-speed reading and perfect memory, Supergirl quickly became an expert on the history of Earth through reading books. In this new world, Kara can be expected to read everything of history that is available to become similarly acquainted with her new environment.

Languages |Global |Grand Mastery
Like her skill in History, Kara is also a master of languages from her super-speed learning. She fluently speaks every major human language in addition to her native Kryptonian. Also, she can speak in several minor languages like Vietnamese, Swahili, Icelandic, ect. With appropriate written learning material, Kara can master a language in about a day or two of intense studying.

Science | Global |Grand Mastery
Although she never got into science as much as her father and uncle, Kara still has a basic Kryptonian science education; which puts her worlds apart from the average human. She was doing experiments in genetic engineering and quantum mechanics when she was 10. Although limited by Kryptonian standards, Kara's basic science education gives her the equivalent of several PhD's on Earth as well as training in several theoretical fields. She's able to discuss advanced scientific concepts with the leading experts on Earth.

Technology | Global | Grand Mastery
Similarly, Kara's basic schooling on Krypton has left her with substantial technical training as compared to Earth levels. One area of her extreme capability is computers, where she quickly mastered all the major Operating Systems and several programming languages. Applying herself, she would be among the elite of the computer science world, being used to programing and repairing rudimentary Artificial Inteligences. She can also repair and build any Earth-based technology and several alien technologies as well.


Costume | National | Skilled
Supergirl's costume is made from a Kryptonian fabric that is self repairing. Most tears and burns are repaired in a few moments. As long as the costume isn't completely destroyed, it can re-weave itself within a day.


Kryptonite | Weakness
Like all Kryptonians, Kryptonite has a debilitating effect on Supergirl. When exposed to Kryptonite, within 25 feet, all her powers are nulified and her strength is reduced to half that of an average human female. She will continue to be weaker as the length of exposure continues, cumulating in death after a few minutes of continued exposure. Lead will block the radiation and prevent it from affecting her. Additionally, there are several different colors of Kyrptonite throughout the multiverse, each with a different effect. The effects listed here are for green Kryptonite.

Magic | Weakness
Supergirl also has a standard Kryptonian weakness to Magic and Magical effects. Her body has no advanced resistance to magical spells, effects, or weapons and she can be severely harmed by such attacks.


Code of Conduct | Flaw
Kara holds herself to a strict moral code. She never condones killing, even if Diana sometimes says it can be acceptable, and will risk her life to save any life, even that of a 'bad guy'. She will always pull her punches when in a fight with normals and will do everything possible to prevent fights from spreading to where they endanger bystanders. She will always keep her word, regardless of the personal cost; although she might word her promise in a certain way that gives her a loophole to exploit.

Yellow Solar Radiation Dependent | Flaw
All of Kara's powers derive from her body's ability to absorb yellow solar radiation. In other words, her powers only function while Kara is within a solar system with a yellow sun. In an absence of a yellow sun, her powers will slowly fade until she reaches the physical capabilities of a normal human female. She can recharge her powers with only a minute of exposure to yellow solar radiation.


  • As Krypton explodes, a large chunk of it's surface remains intact and is blown clear of the cataclysm. Argo City is on this chunk and manages to survive.
  • Zor-El, brother of Jor-El and resident of Argo City, devises a forcefield and other life support systems to protect Argo City from the exposure to space. He is hailed as the savior of Argo City and married popular artist Alura In-Ze
  • Kara Zor-El is born. As she grows, she chooses her mother's path of the artist, rather than the traditional House of El path of science.
  • Around Kara's 16 birthday, the life support systems of Argo Cith begin to fail. Repair of the systems is impossible. To save the life of their daughter, Zor-El and Alura send Kara off in a rocket to the same planet Kal-El had been sent to on the day of Krypton's death: Earth.
  • Kara arrives on Earth, but her cousin is nowhere to be found. Instead, the JSA finds her crashed rocket and bring her back to Metropolis. Kara is adopted by the leader of the JSA, Wonder Woman.
  • Over the next few years, Kara learns the ways of Earth as well as undergoing traditional Amazon martial training from Wonder Woman. She takes on the mantle of Supergirl and quickly becomes one of the most popular and idolized heroes on Earth.
  • As Supergirl becomes an essential member of the JSA, she begins to grow closer to the JSA's benefactor, Lex Luthor.
  • Lex Luthor brokers a deal with Batgirl, the reclusive guardian of walled-off Gotham City, to begin manufacturing LexCorp solar batteries in Gotham to benefit the city's economy. For the first time in years, metahumans are allowed inside Gotham's borders as the JSA are invited to make a charity appearance in conjunction with Luthor's announcement.
  • After the charity appearance, Luthor is kidnapped within Gotham City by Emil Hamilton and the Joker. Supergirl returns to Gotham and joins forces with a reluctant Batgirl to search for Luthor. Eventually, the pair uncover Luthor's shocking secret to his success: he was the first on the scene when Kal-El's rocket crashed and he murdered the baby to perform experiments on the body. These experiments lead to Luthor's revolutionary discoveries in solar energy production. Supergirl and Batgirl defeat Luthor and the Joker and broadcast Luthor's off-the-cuff admission on global television. The anticipated wedding between Supergirl and Luthor is called off.
  • Supergirl continues to serve as the second-in-command of the JSA, protecting the world from threats such as Darksied and Maggedon. Her friendship with Batgirl continues and the pair become a tremendous crimefighting force.
  • Shortly after her 21st reality by an unknown force. She finds herself now on A'reen'ah, caught in a new battle between good and evil.

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