A New God of Thunder?

Joker somehow managed to obtain the Hammer of Thor and another less known sword of some sort. Most believe that the exceptionally loud thunderclap heard in the wasteland was a warning shot that he was now wielding new powers. Several days later he was seen in Sanctuary looking relatively normal. After an ugly exchange in the marketplace, rumor has it he exchanged the sword with Morgan le Fae, though it isn't clear what he got in exchange.

He was later seen confronting Thor, Sif and Loki dressed as a parody of Thor after having leveled several buildings in Crossroads. No witnesses were willing to stay close enough to hear the exchange, but it ended with only Loki staying behind and an explosive warning shot of some sort before they both separated.

Joker began a killing spree in Crossroads that seems to have slowed down after an altercation that left the Broken Heart Saloon in shambles and a number of people dead. Nothing was heard from him for several days after that until the skies over Crossroads began to darken with clouds. Joker has suddenly resurfaced worse than ever. He seems to now be controlling strange creatures as well as possessing the power of the thunder god.

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