The Grid

The grid, by the nature of the game played by the patrons, is in a constant state of change. New pieces arrive, old pieces are destroyed, things change. As such, when a new character arrives, they can ask to have a part of their world come with them. When two powerful beings fight and destroy the scenery, just let build staff know what was destroyed and the grid will be altered. We would ask that this not happen daily, but if a huge battle takes place, it is silly to act like there is no damage done to the physical grid in that location.

One of the big questions is in regard to how power grids manage to keep working. While characters in the world have been trying to puzzle that out for a very long time without an answer, on a metagame level, it works because those places are still technically connected to their place of origin. When this world ends, all components will be returned to their place and time of origin in their original state, just as the champions will. (Native born beings are out of luck in that regard) As such, the power drawn is actually supplied from the link still there, channeled by the patrons.

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