Objects are created for each item of special gear one posesses. With regards to items that exist as minor constructs and/or multiple readily replaced items (Ala batarangs), a single object will often be used to represent these as a whole or even something to represent a series of these sorts of things (ala utility belt). If the object(s) are so minor that they fall in the Regional/Basic range for Magnitude/Prowess and your Character Magnitude already has the proper level, the item need not be noted at all (ala batarangs).

Almost any person can obtain basic equipment without restriction. Most obviously things like vehicles, weapons, flak jackets, etc all fall under this category. Often, basic equipment has only one basic power/skill associated with it and is more or less a background aspect of a character. Some characters make greater usage of these sorts of gear than others. If in doubt, refer to the above.

Major Gadgets are above and beyond. Most of the time these things will be of a higher Magnitude (National or greater) and can include hypertech or unique creations. The Batmobile or the Ironman Suit all fall under this. Artifacts or items of power are the last form of object, much like Major gadgets, but generally mystical in their nature. Fate's helmet or Thor's hammer are good examples of these.

Treated like characters unto themselves in terms of setting up their abilities. Generally gear only has powers, though there are cases where they have skills such as hacking, mathematics, etc. Sentient or AI objects are especially prone to having both powers and skills. If an item is dropped or given away, it's abilities no longer appear on your sheet. Whoever holds a given object retains the object abilities on their own sheet.

Prowess, Magnitude and Aspects

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