Former Players

Since existing or former players may or may not have exposed or have knowledge of secret identities, new players are allowed one limited alteration to the specific canon of an FC. If concerned about existing knowledge regarding their character, a new player may have a different secret identity as long as the back-story otherwise matches up. No character, even those identical to the previous player of the same exact canon of character, need ever uphold any of the former RP. It is assumed that new players of the same basic version were drawn from a highly similar, but not identical reality when they were brought to the Lost Dimension.

Also of note, should a player leave the game and later return, they are free to app the same character again if it is free. However, due to the nature of how the champions are drawn into this world and the fact that they have no memory of events when returned to the exact time and point of their withdraw, they return with no memory of what they did when here before. For all intents and purposes, they are a new person drawn from a nearly identical world.

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