Beyond the AUP, a few things need to be made clear. There are four basic actions that are taken when someone is in violation of the basic ethics of the game. Except as outlined below, every person will have at least one action of the list in order before the next action form is taken. A player may also recieve more than one action from a category rather than moving forward in numbers. This is especially true if the player in question has shown that they are actively working to improve their behavior or violations. Before reporting a problem, please take the time to explain to the other party what the conflict is and ask them to discontinue. Contact staff if the matter continues thereafter or if it is something which staff should be aware of.

1) Player is brought in to discuss the situation with staff.
2) Removal from comsystem, boards and/or pagelocked to Staff only.
3) Removal of the player's Character(s) from play until further notice.
4) Permanent ban from logging into the game.
Note: Banning is always a last resort and not something that Staff will ever decide to do light.

In extreme cases where the health of the game or it's database may be at risk, standard protocol can be bypassed by the Goddess and an immediate removal of the problem (player, code, etc) may occur. This intervention will hopefully never occur, but given the possibility of hacking or other matters, we need to be clear that there may be situations where it happens.

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