The following are just some of the various comic Eras from which players can choose.

Proto-comics. As early as 1842, and continued to 1938 with the creation of Superman.
Originated in newspaper comics.

Early - 40s. Breaks away from it's newspaper roots more completely and forms a number of iconic characters.
Middle - 50s. Crime, Horror, Romance, Science, War and Western comics supplant super heros briefly. Senate sub-committee become involve in determining if comics are swaying the youth of the country into delinquency.

1960 to 1970
Super heros are given a revival and begin to have a more natural feel. Stories begin to grow more deep and tend to focus on more complex situations.
Flash, Fantastic Four and Spiderman appear.
Underground comics begin to appear.

1970 to 1984
Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Conan appear. The Amazing Spiderman no.96 is no longer using the Comic Code.
The 70s see many Jack Kirby books finding no sales and getting canceled.
Independent and small press comics begin to take over the place of underground comics, though less explicit.
Epic Stories begin appearing towards the end of the Bronze Era.

1984 to 2000
Featured Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen and Crisis of Infinite Earths.
Comics become seen as a commodity rather than a story and a quality suffers. Stories are often extended well beyond what is reasonable to sell further comics.
'Extreme' and stylized characters are favored. Many share similar designs in terms of costuming meant to make them appear more interesting and many are given names with odd spellings.
Many companies close down and even Marvel goes bankrupt.

High quality becomes a priority again among the surviving companies.
Ultimate storyline appears.
Many comics find a growing appeal as movies. Unlike most comic movies from previous eras, they are high budget and given greater focus in their own right rather than being tie-ins to draw new readers. Ironically, this results in greater readership.

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