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Eir, Goddess of Healing

Lady Eir




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Homebrew (Canon: Thor 2)

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Psychic Healing
Being the Goddess of Healing has certain innate magical abilities that she has honed and practiced over the ages of her existence. She has the ability to step into a person's mind with sustained contact to weed out mental/psychic infections and illnesses. The mind is such a delicate thing, however, and this can take a good deal of time, and sometimes multiple treatments, to be successful. The more she is familiar with the person, the greater chance of success as well; as their mind won't be so quick to reject her presence.

Magical Healing
Using her magic, she can repair and heal a person. The more extensive the injuries, the longer it will take her to repair the damage. She literally takes the damage and reworks the area, such as rebuilding muscle, bone, skin, etc. Without aid against the pain, depending on the injury, this can actually be an extremely painful process. It is however the most effective versus natural healing methods. With this she can also pull sickness out of one's body, such as tar from a smoker's lungs or cancer, etc. The more embedded it is, again, the harder it is to remove.

She has been alive for a very long time and dates to a time before Odin AllFather ruled. However, due to her natural healing magicks, she has remained the same youthful appearance and appears to be in her mid-20s.

Given her initial roots of Vanaheim and the blood of the Vanir, Eir has the innate ability of Telepathy. This is something she does not find the need to use over-much, but it does come in handy! |

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Physical Healing
She is the Goddess of Healing, Patron of Doctors, Healers, Shamans, etc. Her knowledge of the body and abilities to heal and mend also extend to the physical means. This includes diagnosis, long-term healing measures such as surgery, etc. She turns to magical healing when necessary, but tends to try and keep with physical/natural means as much as she can, less she upset the balance of nature taking its course.

Herbal Knowledge
Having spent many, many ages with herbs, she knows the special properties and secrets of the Herbs. These, she can use to concoct various mixes, or 'teas' and 'potions' to aid with certain effects; such as healing colds, helping in fertility, etc. However, her knowledge extends so far that she also knows how to use them to resurrect the dead. This practice she keeps very close to chest, and uses only on an extreme rare occasion.

She is no stranger to teaching, though her students on healing are generally women. She finds, at least to her, that women have a more natural ability for healing than men, and therefor does not waste her time teaching men to be 'gentle'.

Amongst her healing duties, she has also done tours as a Valkyrie, guiding the souls of those worthy to Valhalla. With this, she does have some combat ability, but refuses to ever take a life on purpose.

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She has been in existence for ages, and generally holds a calm, serene demeanor along with a well of wisdom.

Being Timeless also has its drawbacks… She's seen a number of those that she has cared about die, or be killed. She still remains very attached to those she cares for deeply, such as Sif. She takes each loss hard. Because of this, she has never settled with a mate or started a family, in the fear she would outlive them and have to watch them perish.


Mental Serenity
Her mind is an ocean of calm, and for some, for her to connect with them on that level, it can be overwhelming. She has taken great practice to keep her mind closed, to protect those with psychic/telepathic ability from her. Opening herself up fully has had… negative reactions, or addictions, in the past.


Eir is from a time of unwritten history, before the time of Odin AllFather. No one can remember who bore her, but stories tell of the sadness of the Goddess who has watched her family wither and fade into nameless Legend. When not healing, she took to the fields as a Valkyrie, serving in multiple capacity.

During the reign of Odin, she made a new home in the halls of his great home in Asgard as a Healer. When battle was waged, she was there. When children hurt each other in play, she was there. She was always there. When Thor was born, she already had such high hopes for Odin's Son. When he gained the friendship of Sif, her fondness only grew. She took to the young woman as a mother to a daughter, growing an attachment that she had so carefully avoided over the ages. Loki, she took a fondness to as well, but also great care… When he was brought home by Odin, she knew that Loki was different. However, Odin swore her to secrecy of the truth; and she never spoke a word of it since. Not even after Loki learned of his true heritage. Although, he never asked her directly, either.

After Sif became pregnant with the twins, Eir's presence remained- caring for her throughout her pregnancy. When it became complicated and threatened Sif's life, she accelerated the twins to be born quicker- less Sif be lost. It was shortly after she delivered the twins; a few days later after visiting to their welfare that Eir suddenly vanished.

She now finds herself in Sanctuary…

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